Why OJ Simpson was found not guilty of killing Nicole Simpson

Today, October 3, it marks 25 years since OJ Simpson was found guilty of killing his estranged wife Nicole Brown Simpson in a trial that shocked the world and remains captivated to this day.

The century’s alleged trial lasted nine months, but a jury found Simpson not guilty of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in less than four hours.

but why?

The verdict was read on October 3, 1995, but in the following years, several jurors spoke of the reasons for Simpson’s acquittal, scrutinizing events over the past two decades.

The trial was pushed back into zeitgeist in 2016 in the award-winning FX series People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

“If the glove doesn’t fit, it must be exonerated.” The now infamous words of John Cochrane that served to define the trial that was set in the context of race relations in America at the time.

oj_simpson_docum Transaction_1010
OJ Simpson raises his hands in front of the jury, June 15, 1995. “OJ: Made in America” ​​has received five Critics’ Choice Awards nominations for documentaries.
Sam Merkowitz / Reuters

The jury faced a tough time during the trial, as they were isolated for eight and a half months and under intense media scrutiny. 10 were fired from their role by presiding judge Lance Ito with the last 12 made up of 10 women and two men of different races – 10 out of 12 voted to acquit Simpson.

Juror Brenda Moran told a news conference the day after the trial CNN: “In simple English, a mitten does not fit.”

Moran also dismissed the allegations of domestic violence against Simpson, saying it was “a murder trial, not a domestic violence trial” and that focusing on these allegations was “a waste of time.”

Aldana said one of the men on the jury New York times I mentioned before Baltimore Sun He voted not guilty because he said “things have not been added” in relation to the evidence presented in court. He also assured that he can “sleep at night, no problem.”

A private four-night stand was released at trial in 2017 shortly after Simpson was granted parole after being sentenced to prison for his role in an armed robbery in 2007.

The jury is speaking Explore the trial from a jury’s point of view with juror Yolanda Crawford recalling the moment Simpson attempted to wear gloves.

“This might be the way he handled his hands,” Crawford said. “I don’t know.” “But I looked [fellow juror] Christopher Darden, and I was like, I can’t believe you fell in love with him. And at this point, I’m a fan, what can you do? It doesn’t seem appropriate. “

“It was one of many, many mistakes,” Darden admitted.

The other guy on the jury was Lionel Craer, who said, “It was trash in, trash” about the evidence.

Talking to Los Angeles Times (per noise) The day after the verdict, Craer said, “We felt there was a lot of opportunity to either contaminate the evidence, mix up samples or store them together.”

Craer is also reported to have raised his fist in solidarity with Simpson when the verdict was handed down.

He told the Los Angeles Times about it: “It was a ‘right’ to you, Mr. Simpson. Go on with your life. Bring your children. Be happy. Get some conclusion in your life.”

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