Why Moldova and Georgia want Europe: from Russian-speaking separatist regions to fear of Moscow, a picture similar to the Ukrainian one

Russian invasionUkraine It destabilized the geopolitical framework of the post-Soviet region. there Georgia and the Moldovatwo small countries led by pro-Western CEOs, have applied for instant membership inEuropean Union To obtain protection from possible expansionist targets of Moscow. In fact, some observers fear that after Kyiv, it could be Tbilisi And the Chisinau. Both countries are militarily weak and have problems internal instability Because there are areas separatists speaking russian who aspire to reunion with Moscow. Georgia located in CaucasusI actually fought against Russia in 2008 and was defeated while Moldovawhich lies near the eastern border of RomaniaRecently elected pro-European CEO after defeat Pro-Russian Socialist Party. President of Moldova Maya Sandow Declared that we “(want) to live in peace and prosperity and to be part of the free world” and “even if some decisions It takes time, and others must be appointed quickly and decisively to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from a changing world.” Foreign Minister Nico Popescu I mentioned, as I mentioned before Al JazeeraOne day future generations will proudly remember the moment when our country chose to firmly establish itself in the outer space EuropeanGeorgian Prime Minister Irakli GaribashviliAfter signing the letter nomination Originally scheduled for 2024, he said he’s sure of how” Date He decided that Europeans’ choice of population was a strategic goal.

Georgia and Moldova made agreements several years ago organisation and free trade withEuropean Union relating to political relations and economic integration. Action enlargement – wideningHowever, it is a whole other story and has a greater level of complexity. In fact, it can take more than one decade Before a conclusion is reached, some member states are even opposed to discussing it. Access requires the candidate country to adopt a series of Society’s Laws and implement economic and judicial reforms to meet the required standards. More than thirty policy areas, referred to as chapters, are examined and negotiated to arrive at one country Really ready to join. The Overcoming One chapter and passage to the next requires the unanimous approval of all 27 Member States. a’giant project.

The road to integration with the European Union is an arduous one. there jagoziawhich is an autonomous region in Moldovarefused, in a referendum held in 2014, Brussels Card Closer relations with Russia are preferred. there Transnistriaofficially part of Moldova, in independent fact Since 1990 and enjoys the full support of Russia, which is expressed in the presence of a conditional Work as a security guard on site. This region is Russian-speaking and in 2006 97 percent of the population applied for it Reunion With Moscow in a referendum. Georgia, on the other hand, is disturbed by the presence of Abkhazia And the Ossetia subordinate Southtwo recognized separatist republics occupied by Moscow and a potential source of Instability Policy.

Russia, as you remember Ferruccio Michelin at the gate antsIt is considered Owner The field of historical and cultural influence which, by its nature, must be so Untouchable. Western cultural penetration should stay out of its back garden and when it doesn’t it’s because a plot. Russia worked tirelessly to weaken sovereignty Countries such as Moldova and besieged them in a forbidden zone. Moscow does not intend to let anyone go and is ready to put one in its place to do so aggressive strategy Raise the ceiling of confrontation and enhance their skills in the sector international politics.

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