Why is there a pineapple in the Wimbledon Cup: The curious reason

Why is there a pineapple on the Wimbledon Cup? What does this tropical fruit have to do with the world Tennis? To answer these questions, you need to take a step back and come back to it 1877the year in which the first edition of the Grand Slam. At that time, pineapple was very difficult to find: it was seen as a rare fruit that few could afford. Many even preferred not to eat it, but to decorate their homes with pineapples to impress their guests. In short, the cup It must be something Unique and exclusivejust like the pineapple in England in the late nineteenth century.

Pineapple on Wimbledon: The other theory

A second theory returns instead to An ancient tradition of the British Navy. It seems that in ancient times, the captains of His Majesty’s warships, returning from a victorious battle in a distant sea in defense of the British Empire, would display pineapples on the entrance pillars of their homes. A little souvenir from a country far away no doubt good luck For future travels and wars.

How the Wimbledon Cup is made: Height, Weight and Diameter

cup Wimbledon And 45.7 cm high It has a diameter of 19 cm. It is made of gilded silverOr silver plated with gold and weighing 3.5 kilos. The writing is clearly visible One-handed All England Lawn Tennis Club Championship in the worldEngraved with the year and previous winners name. With the 2008 edition he won NadalHowever, he had run out of space for later engravings, so it was decided to add a plinth with a silver decorative band to continue the tradition in later years as well.

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