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Why is the UK (still) the better choice compared to other countries

Since the UK has officially left the European Union, it has a choice of where to go Studying abroad It has definitely become more complicated. However, given a long series of factors,The UK remains the best country in which to invest in your academic career. Here’s exactly what has changed on the downside and why Great Britain continues to be the ideal opportunity for international students.

Studying in the UK after Brexit: what has changed

with the entry into force Britain’s exit from the European UnionGetting into an English university just got a whole lot easier. From January 31, 2020 The Erasmus program for European students has been discontinued, which makes a student visa mandatory. For this reason, access to the British school system is automatically becoming more complicated from a bureaucratic point of view.

Secondly, it is now more expensive than ever to enroll in an English language institution. European students who do not have a pre-established or stable status They no longer enjoy reduced fees And therefore many are forced to apply for a private loan. Suffice it to say that previously a European student used to pay on average the same amount as an English student, while now he finds himself spending more than twice as much, as all other international students.

Advantages of studying in the UK despite Brexit

Despite the complex procedures and onerous expenses, the The UK remains the best country to choose to study abroad. There are many reasons why enrolling in an English language university is ideal:

  • Have a professional level of EnglishThere is no better place than the English homeland to perfect your language skills; In addition to attending specific courses, in the UK it is possible to practice the language on a daily basis in order to learn it optimally;
  • Study in distinguished universitiesEngland is home to a number of highly regarded universities that are renowned across the world and which provide excellent preparation for a career in a leading sector; Starting from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to the University of Goldsmiths, passing through the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge;
  • You have a stimulating experienceEnglish university towns offer a very high quality of life, especially for young people; First of all, London is full of famous monuments, restaurants, shops, theaters and nightclubs.
  • Easily reach ItalyGoing home to your family is very simple and cheap if you are studying in the UK; Several low-cost day trips are available, and it’s well connected to a long string of Italian cities.
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Study in the UK: EU Network Support

Studying in the UK is still the best choice you can make. To overcome the initial difficulties and complete all the bureaucratic formalities, there are several agencies that were born with the specific mission of helping international students. Among these we recommend you EuNetworkaAn agency specialized in educational consulting Based in London and Manchester.

Thanks to its team of professionals, the European Union Network a Free class Hundreds of students each year through the entrance process of a British university. You can request assistance and register for the program at Official Page agency. The company can also be contacted through the e-mail address [email protected]

Alternatively, you can refer to Clizia Albertella – Senior Recruitment Manager, EU Network.

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