Why is it recommended to eat bread and honey for breakfast: It is a must

Here are the reasons why eating bread and honey for breakfast is a good idea: All the benefits for the body.

Bread and honey, according to experts, it will be a very special pairing. And there are good reasons for this.

properties of honey

the honeyAs we know, it is a very valuable food that can be beneficial for us in different ways. In fact, it was used already in distant times by some populations, such as, for example, Ancient egyptians.

Apis mellifera

Apis mellifera (Facebook) – Wineandfoodtour.it

The latter, in fact, used both For ritual and medicinal purposes. On the other hand, the honey It is a completely natural product, produced by bees, in particular, by the aforementioned species Apis mellifera.

Even only within the Italian borders, the production of this food is certainly great.

there flower wealthTherefore, it allows us to improve Twenty-five kinds of honey. And the amount of nectar that can be collected, in this case, depends, first of all, on the number of bees in the hives.

with regard to CaloriesMoreover, honey, per 100 grams, has more Three hundred calories. Moreover, it contains mineralsvitamins enzymes And Antioxidants.

Moreover, studies have confirmed that honey does indeed Therapeutic properties. First, it’s a file Natural anti-inflammatory Able to calm coughs and colds.

In addition to being a remedy against sore throats, it also has a soothing effect on pharynx and on throat.

a jar of honey

Honey jar (Pexels) – Wineandfoodtour.it

Besides, this product is also a friend of ours beautyAnd, in particular, the skin, because it repels skin dryness and has Moisturizing effect.

What’s more, compared to other sweeteners, honey has Low glycemic indexHence, it is possible to consume it even by those suffering from diabetes.

Thus, at this point, even if only for these reasons, it can certainly be said that it is an excellent elixir that must be taken into account more often.

Eating bread and honey for breakfast: benefits the body

Now, however, we would like to touch on the fact that honey must also be chosen for Our daily breakfast.

Slice of bread with honey

Slice of bread with honey (Pexels) – Wineandfoodtour.it

If taken early in the morning, in fact, it can help maintain it Good functioning of the heartThanks there phenolic acids Based on flavonoidsis able to protect the health of the whole organism.

In fact, many are probably already aware of these excellent benefits, because in some parts of Italy it is not uncommon to have breakfast with Slices of bread and honey.

However, of course, as mentioned above, it would be better not to overdo it with the doses, because it is very caloric. Thus, those who do not want to gain weight should eat limited portions.

Even if, it should be emphasized, often on a breakfast basis Sliced ​​whole wheat bread And honey is also chosen by athletes.

Those who practice, for example, bodybuilding, these two foods together can help to gain weight muscle mass.

Be that as it may, in addition to eating honey with bread, it is also possible to eat it with a a glass of milk.

Indeed, this special union can give Unusual power source Which allows us to better face our routines and start the day well.

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