Why doesn’t Xbox have the Platinum Cup like PlayStation? Microsoft’s response

The achievement system was first introduced into the gaming world by Microsoft with the Xbox 360, but the American giant never thought – unlike Sony with PlayStation consoles – adding an element Platinum trophy that can reward full users.

Think about explaining the reason for this decision Jason RonaldDirector of Project Management, Xbox Division. On the occasion of the new episode of Iron Lords Podcast, Ronald made it clear that the Platinum Cup would go against Microsoft’s will Reward any kind of player fairly Find their platforms.

“There are some users who simply prefer to play multiplayer.”, his statements. What we do to reward them and show their progress and things like that? There are other people who like to play a lot of different games…and then there are other people, like me, who are complete and I really want to do it all in one game.”. words then They don’t seem to leave room for the future implementation of the assumption Platinum Achievement‘, at least not in the near future. Would you like it if Microsoft took a cue from the feature that Sony uses instead?

In any case, some kind of change can not be ruled out, since Microsoft makes goals a priority for Xbox Series X | S., along with FPS Boost and Game DVR. Meanwhile, to mark the first twenty years of Xbox, Microsoft has organized a file A meeting with its pioneers led by Reggie Fels Emh.

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