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There are two key factors to the enduring success of “An Armchair for Two” and other titles in context: reassurance in plot predictability and the ability to evoke nostalgia. But the expert points out: “The holidays are a bit unsettling.” the reasons

From Mom, I missed the plane to me GreenwichFrom Miracle on 34th Street no way Armchair for two Evening of December 24th: These are just some of the most famous Christmas movie. The titles that have now risen to the original classics, are re-proposed year after year by the TV schedules (including Italian programs) with unchanged general success. Despite the countless visions accumulated with friends and relatives, In fact, the onlookers didn’t seem to get tired of it. condition? Not at all: it’s a file Scientifically justified behavior.

Reassuring escape from reality

to me As explained recently Top Psychology Today From Pamela b. Routledgedirector of the Center for Media Psychology Research at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara (California), the “predictable and often honeyed” nature of these films “is able to contribute to”Reducing stress, family pressure and sadness Because of the shorter days and less sunshine in the northern hemisphere.” But, As seen in 2020 by professors at the University of Southampton Tim Wildshot And the Constantine Scididesproviding a reassuring escape from everyday routines that Christmas movies can.Improve mood and relieve symptoms of depression».

Along the same lines Courtney Cobbonline wizard best helpwho was interviewed last month by fortunes
He knew This kind of business is “beautiful.” vacation from reality We can imagine a world in which the good guys always win, families resolve their differences and the hero finds true love. This being the case, it is not surprising that the aforementioned Routledge asserts that «It can be an evening spent watching a good movie
FEasy, affordable and rewarding self-care imprint».

nostalgia factor

In addition to that linked to the plot, another element contributes decisively to the enduring success of the trend: the fact that it benefits from what is called «retrospective rosacea», or a cognitive bias according to which people tend to judge the past more positively than the present. This is what Cope points out in Addition A fortunes Holiday movies make us happy for the same reason that watching any of our favorite movies makes us happy: Ritual, routine and familiarity». All aspects that “have a relaxing effect on our nervous system.” Finally – and he concluded – «We usually watch the same Christmas movies every year and this gives value A sense of order and calm in an often unpredictable world». Concept – this – was also expressed by Robert ThompsonProfessor of Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University (New York): “It does not matter how the economy is going, whether there is stability or chaos – He claimed in 2019 to The New York Times -, There is always an incredible desire for something simple, goofy, unsophisticated, and easy to look at. Even better if it is packaged as something for Christmas.”

“paradoxical period”

Even in the opinion of a psychiatrist and psychotherapist Sergio StanitaFounder cinemaepsicologia.itThe quiet nature of Christmas movies and their traditional annual viewing is a balm for the soul: “What we are going to experience is family time and quiet,” he notes. Very clear how it is The perfect moment to enjoy a story that gives us that sense of calmPartly because we already know how it will end, partly because the mere repetition of vision has a reassuring intrinsic function, just as it does with children’s fairy tales.” At the same time, however, for the Christmas expert «It is also a rather painful period, and therefore paradoxical from a psychological point of view». the reason? The same “family pressure” mentioned by Routledge: “In the last days of the year – and it actually shows – Latent parenting dynamics are reactivated and a (often intense) balance sheet is drawn up for the 12 months that have just passed. Wanting to borrow Chuck Palahniuk’s words in language fight club, “Christmas is to remind those who are alone that they are alone, those who have no money that they have no money, and those who have a **** family have a **** family”. Hence the success of such a film as nostalgia, gloom and loneliness Christmas carolwhich deals delicately with the memory of lost time, but also with the memory of, for example, the modern era do not searchwhich He even talks about the danger of destroying the Earth forever». Whatever one’s state of mind, the pairing of Christmas and cinema seems destined to remain inseparable.

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