Why do models put their faces in ice water, and why should we?

What is cryotherapy and how does it work –

Homemade Cryotherapy: Does Putting Your Face In Ice Water Really Work?

The latest beauty trend right now? and the Cryotherapy is driving all the stars crazyBut let’s get to know its ingredients, what are the benefits and how to make it at home without any cost.

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, has been used for years Treats some diseasesbut it is also used to counter some impurities.

As we know, in fact, we advise putting something cold on top of a bad blow, for example, and instead in beauty we often find ourselves using a teaspoon Put in the freezer to reduce dark circles and dilated pores.

In fact, the cold helps a lot Resists skin imperfections It helps us keep the face looking younger. As temperatures rise, for example, you can leave your face creams in the fridge: when applied, you’ll notice a Sensation of immediate freshness and tension.

Cryotherapy: How does it work?

Cryotherapy can be performed in different ways and at different times depending on the type of problem or defect that needs to be treated. The most used methods are Ice baths, ice packs, ice packs, liquid nitrogen cooled cold rooms, high pressure gaseous cryotherapy.

Through this treatment, the skin appears as if it is going through a heat shock: the body’s first reaction is to take place vasoconstriction;as soon as the body or part of the body comes into contact with the cold, and then, when the body returns to normal temperature, it will be there Vasodilation and reactivation of microcirculation Which will help expel waste things such as lactic acid.

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Facial cryotherapy

What are the benefits and how to make it at home

for us beauty routineTherefore, cryotherapy is very useful for restoring vitality and vitality to the skin and Stimulation of microcirculationwhich promotes cell regeneration and collagen stimulation, which helps the skin Be more flexible.

To make it home made, you can take a cue from stunner Bella Hadid Who put his face in a bowl full of ice. However, if you have a bathtub, you can Like Lady Gaga Who choose a gentle, rejuvenating bath for the whole body. All you have to do is buy ice from the supermarket or make it at home, but you will need several cubes, or you can also choose some frozen vegetables on the face for a period of not less than 5/10 minutes And then you can also cook.

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