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Why Biden is counting on the Greens to rearrange Germany into the United States

a Germany It aims to focus on industrial economic thinking, discarding “geopolitical” ambitions, and preparing to overcome the traditional energy entrenched with Russia on the basis of Fossil sources The vision is capable of taking a firm and clear stand against China on the issue of human rights and political and economic competition German Greens Presented to launch their election campaign in light of the federal elections on 26 September showing the movement’s willingness to transcend the traditional ecological focus by acquiring a government culture and a clear and visible position in the Western sphere alongside United States of America. An intention, in the era of Joe Biden, to make the fight against climate change one of the bridges on which to build an understanding with Europe keeps the ancient continent anchored on the hegemonic power in the Atlantic Ocean.

Annalena Baerbock The New Guide to German Greens

In the program that the 40-year-old Alianza Candidate / Anna Verde for the Chancellor is 90 Analina Burbook, In the months leading up to the fall election, Germany is listed in the most effective way of the will of the United States and in accordance with the provisions of the postwar constitution of the Federal Republic.

MP since 2013 and co-chair of the party, Burbock, surrounded by Green Party leader Robert Habick, 51, former environment minister for six years in the land of Schleswig-Holstein, will be the first politician in party history to be formally nominated to the chancellery. The turning point indicating the change in political views of the formation that saw real exploitation at the European Championships in 2019 dried up the traditional center-left consensus, and today it is the main opposition force for the CDU / CSU from Angela Merkel, Traveling between 20 and 23% of the vote in opinion polls, he is part of 11 out of 16 CEOs at the regional level and a candidate for a future national government force as a partner of the Christian Democrats, with the hidden dream of being able to undermine them by advancing the environmental wave in advance across Europe .

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Luca Steinmann Sue Lime Reports that the Greens aim to imposeEnvironmental sensitivities For progressive viewsAnd the International and post-national. ”So much so, that“ when it comes to values, neither Germany nor the German people are mentioned. ”The Germany Greens, the party that emptied the Social Democrats into their traditional urban strongholds, is openly subordinate to the superpower, and its stance on major international issues proves that .

Party positions

While maintaining a traditional aversion to nuclear weapons and a target of 2% of GDP, the Greens have enjoyed a significant critical position in many of the projects. Strategic autonomy The European Union is in the field of defense a lot Which – which Lydia wax e Paula Kohler The German Dell Institute for International and Security Affairs de Berlino They indicated in an analysis published for the British Royal United Services Institute (Russian) that on the French side, various political figures expressed doubts and fear of the possibility of the Greens reaching the government with the aim of achieving joint hunting. The project Fcas, A victim of rivalry and mutual veto, given that environmental training is opposed to the use of platforms that include drones or armed remotely piloted aircraft as would be expected in the Franco-German plan. The position, which, in the event of the Greens’ arrival, would indirectly help the unions associated with the “Atlantic” defense that strongly advocates for the consolidation of relations between Europe and the United States (and the United Kingdom).

Not surprisingly, the environmentalists are Western: the green voter identity tends to be an urban matrix, with another middle income, Liberal In terms of civil rights, in a simplified “bourgeois” definition. So the Greens reinforce this sensitivity with clear options in foreign policy that attract the attention of advisors across the Atlantic to them at a time when the progressive administration is looking for accurate references in the old continent.

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Change of pace regarding Angela Merkel

The Greens have positions that are much more in line with those of Washington than those of the chancellor, whose “enthusiasm” about trade and energy has been poorly tolerated in the United States in recent years, as well as in terms of relations with Russia And the China. Environmentalists are among the biggest opponents of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline dear to Merkel and Vladimir Putin, and Rossi wrote, “They support the immediate demolition of the infrastructure project, due to its adverse impact on the climate and its potential destabilizing effects on the site.” Ukraine toward Russia. It is consistent with what has been expressed recently Joe Biden It is by the Foreign Minister Tony is flashing.

On the Chinese side, the Greens transcend the traditional Merkelian line capable of combining cooperation, competition and incubation Atlantic pathDirectly linking trade and human rights, and raising a case Suppression of the Uyghurs Criticism of German companies operating in Xinjiang. Last July cInteracted by Politico Green MEP Reinhard BoutiqueoverThe 57-year-old has been in Strasbourg since 2009, the spokesperson for the European Environmentalists’ Group for Foreign Policy and the head of the European Parliament’s delegation for relations with China vehemently attacked Volkswagen after the Wolfsburg group formalized its decision to open a plant. Urumqi, The capital of Xinjiang, after many NGOs that had other German companies such as Adidas pressed to reduce their presence in the region. The MEP is among the personalities who have ended up on the Chinese blacklist and sanctions due to the positions taken by Xinjiang, which are extremely central to the geopolitical and rhetorical visions of Washington.

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At the same time, it is no coincidence that the Germans, along with the French, were among the greatest promoters of Carbon Limits Tax Which, after being approved in recent weeks, will raise tariff barriers for countries with lower environmental standards than those applied in the European Union. A procedure that pleases Washington and Beijing in its sights. As for the post Merkel, if the coalition government between the CDU and Verdi were as well, the United States may have found a new strategic reference in Germany: and the shift in the attention of stars and stripes from the traditional left of the center to environmental movements could serve as a school for other major European countries.

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