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Why Australia is participating in Eurovision 2022 with Sheldon Riley

As in previous editions, the presence of Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest arouses suspicion in the public, but the reasons are very old.

Sheldon Riley on the red carpet for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin

In one of the most exciting editions of the Eurovision Song Contest, Australian singer Sheldon Riley was among the 25 finalists who made it to the final on May 14. But why does an Australian artist have the chance to compete for the victory of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin 2022? Sheldon Riley, even if the bookmakers didn’t give him a favorite to win, he’d play it all off with “Not the Same”. On the other hand, Australia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2015, but the reasons for this happening are very old, and we have to go back to 1979.

Why is Australia participating in the Eurovision Song Contest?

This is the year that SBS (Private Broadcasting Service), the major Australian radio and television network, entered as an associate member of the European Broadcasting Union (UER). A connection that led to it being broadcast live in Australia in 1983, until 2000, when Australian audiences had the opportunity to participate in voting. In 2012, the turning point came, when the European Broadcasting Union decided to allow Australia to present an out-of-competition song and short film, Greetings from Australia. But only since 2015 has Australia been given the opportunity to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest with its rival, a prospect that was almost rewarded with a final victory the following year. In fact, in 2016 Australia stopped off in second place, one step away from winning, and thanks to singer Dami M and “The Voice of Silence”, the top seemed almost close. In the end, the award came in the final of that version with its own artist and in 2016 it came one step closer to winning, only stopping in second place thanks to artist Dami M with Sound of Silence. That year Ukraine won the song “1944” by singer Jamal.

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What happens if Australia wins?

According to the singing competition regulations, Australia’s victory will not affect the event’s organization of the next edition in Europe. In fact, Australia and SBS will have to choose the European city in which the event will take place the following year.

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