Who Should Pay Super Stamp: What to Do Now

The super sealThe surcharge provided to owners of cars and cars intended for mixed transportation of people and things with a power exceeding 185 kW, is a tax that ends entirely in state coffers. All characteristics that distinguish it from the tax, which is a provincial tax paid for any type of automobile, motor vehicle or motorcycle owned.

At the moment, the only exception to the super tax, in relation to luxury cars, is provided exclusively to owners of electric cars, who are not even required to pay stamp. Given the costs, so far, the sting imposed by the Monti government in 2012 is still in force, that is, 20 euros per kilowatt exceeds the threshold of 185, with a gradual decrease proportional to the years of the car.

1) for the five years following the year of manufacture of the vehicle, 20 euros is spent per kilowatt exceeding the minimum;

2) between 5 and 9 years after the year of construction of the car, 12 euros is spent per kilowatt exceeding the threshold;

3) between 10 and 14 years after the year of manufacture of the car, 6 euros is spent per kilowatt exceeding the minimum;

4) between 15 and 19 years after the year of construction of the car, 3 euros are spent per kilowatt exceeding the maximum;

5) After 20 years of building the car, you are exempt from paying the super stamp.

To find out the total to be paid to the tax balance, Aci It makes a specific calculation tool available on its website. Just like the traditional car tax, the Superbollo must also be paid by the end of the month following the tax expiration. Payment must be made using Form F24 Elide (Identification Items), using the following tax codes: 3364 for tax balance, 3365 for payment of any penalties, and 3366 for interest.

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In the case of vehicles with a contract Leasingor the right to use or purchase with the right of ownership, payment is the responsibility of the true users of the vehicle or the beneficiaries or purchasers of a vehicle ownership agreement reserved for Pra. In the event of a driverless long-term lease clause occurring, the additional fee must be paid by the person who is the user at the payment deadline. In the case of exemption from the stamp, do not drive the car until the super stamp.

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