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In Tuscany soon English and possibly a little Russian will be spoken. Not because of tourists in Florence or Siena, but down due to the epidemic, but because of the Russian-American business tycoon’s takeover of Pisa. Alexander KnasterCompared to many other important football clubs, he chose the Nerazzurri, who currently plays in the second division. The new owner of the club achieved a historic turning point in the history of the sports club, after deepening his knowledge of the accounting documents of the Nerazzurri Company. The billionaire deal has accelerated in recent days He got the green light to buy 75% of the club’s shares.

the operation

With this new structure, a very wealthy businessman born in Moscow 61 years ago will be the largest shareholder, while the remaining 25% will remain in the hands of Giuseppe Corrado and Magic Srl, The businessman who kept Pisa until Wednesday with Enzo Ricci and Mirko Balletti, who left the property instead. The intentions of the new administration are to pursue an artistic, sporting, and entrepreneurial project that began just over four years ago that could expand and conquer a new international audience. In parallel, the team’s current presence in the second division reflects the last three years of athletic satisfaction at the national level, compared to the square it represents, but it appears to be just the beginning of a story yet to be written. Giuseppe Corrado commented on an absolute value partnership encouraged by Naster’s interest in us. I thank those who led the club to this precious possession, but we are really ready to continue the path that will continue to please the team and its fans.

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The new owner lives in New YorkBut will carefully monitor every match for the newly acquired club. Of Russian and Jewish ancestry, he moved to the United States at the age of 16, although his companies are based in London. Today Alexander Knaster is among the 400 richest men on the planet according to Forbes magazineWith assets of $ 2.2 billion today, After becoming president of Alpha Bank in the 1990s, The largest private commercial bank in all of Russia. Now the leader of Pamplona Capital Management, he is offering alternative forms of investment with the British private equity firm he founded in 2005. It should not be forgotten that prior to targeting the Tuscan Club, the businessman was one of the champions in negotiations for the acquisition attempt. In Sampdoria last year, but then nothing happened. He had four children from his wife Irina.

First words

While waiting to find out the guiding principles of what the new international administration will be like, the Nerazzurri fans were able to read the first statements of their team owner. For me, it is a privilege and honor to be connected today with a city and a historic community like Pisa. I cannot wait to reach new sporting and non-sporting goals with you, because I am ready to give a boost, in line with the management coordinated by Giuseppe Corrado, to those who will be Club infrastructure modernization projectsAccording to a common vision. Come to Pisa !.

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Sporting Pisa is not the first foreign acquisition of its kind, because apart from important teams such as Roma, Milan, Inter, Fiorentina, Bologna and Parma, it appears that investment funds and international business leaders, especially Americans, have also set their sights on football from the province. There was talk of interest in Como, Venice, Campobasso, and Pisa, but according to Corriere dello Sport There are even 18 clubs currently under the magnifying glass, including Regina and Catania. In the latter case Joe Tacopina and Giovanni Ferra signed the initial contract to acquire 100% of Calcio Catania Spa.. The agreement will, according to the clause, lead to subsequent closure once the requirement to define debt exposure in relation to the club’s institutional creditors is fulfilled, in a press release. Among the other negotiations underway, in addition to the ones concluded in Pisa, there is also some progress in progress Foggia and LatinaBut the results of the negotiations on these clubs are not yet clear.

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