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Who is the largest living crocodile in the world?

His name is Cassius, and he is marine crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) The largest in the world She lives in a zoo in Green Island, Australia, which has unfortunately become a tourist attraction. She was taken from her habitat, the Venice River where she was absolutely sovereign, and transferred to the Marineland Zoo Melanesia where she was Shown and photographed by travelers who specially arrive to meet the poor reptile who has been forced to act against nature.

Over the years it has grown more, and today it measures 5.48 meters, and weighs over one ton, which is also why it remains undefeated in the Guinness Book of Records as it was entered in 2011. It is believed to be at least 110 years old, but since she previously lived in the wild, it is only an estimate as her year of birth is unknown. It is called the “living dinosaur”, although it is not a dinosaur, but despite its age, it is very active.

Cassius is described by those who care for him as a happy, healthy crocodile. But who knows if he was really happy To be performed before a large, noisy audience for performances two or more times a day. We don’t know, of course, but we do have other information that can help us understand it: the first, for example, is that exotic animals have complex needs and require vast territories to satisfy their natural needs.

And second, most of those were forced to live in captivity suffers from limitations imposed by the environment in which they are forced to live that is perceived as a prison due to access to limited spaces compared to their natural habitat, limited mental and physical stimulation, and lack of opportunities for exercise, exploration, and social interactions and Training made them clowns for recreational activities.

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All of these abnormalities cause great stress and frustration and can often be fatal to animals Develop repetitive and stereotypical behaviorsSigns of malaise are evident. In short, even if many people continue to regard these animals as entertainment for the amusement of their children, all these types of deprivation are not appreciated at all by the individuals concerned because they represent real forms of exploitation and abuse which, on the contrary, must be banned forever. .

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