Who is Teo Davidoff: the cool boy who could revolutionize tennis (without a backhand)

A couple of years ago, the story of a boy of Bulgarian descent, but resident of the United States, who hits everything with a single shot, was circulating on the tennis scene. Teodor Davidov, Teo for all, plays the forehand with both hands. Exactly: He strikes with his left hand when needed, and when necessary, he changes quickly, and he does so with his right hand.

Coordination game explained by the father in numerous interviews. But she is also able to attract the attention of a big man in the coaching world, that is Patrick Mouratoglou What tremendous riches Serena Williams And not only. Just under a year ago, Mouratoglou uploaded a video to YouTube showing Davidoff’s stunning characteristic. It was said about the father: He said: Since his son lacks the ability to relax a little, sit, meditate and create, this idea came to him, which is based on the functions of the two hemispheres of the brain: the left. The more rational one, the right one is more contemplative. The two hemispheres of the body control the opposite direction: left, right, left.

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We are currently talking about a twelve-year-old who, like many, has the potential to make it big at a high level. The results aren’t bad either, in the sense that in the USTA’s ranking of best under-14s, he’s in the 20th nationally.

The competitiveness of this player in the future remains to be verified for various reasons. The main factor is that when you change hands, you risk losing a moment in terms of coordination. Now, as long as the ball’s velocity is 12, the margin is manageable. However, if we continue with time, the question starts to get a lot more complicated. Hence the need might arise to really use the backhand, which was nevertheless considered very good by those who could see it (naturally by its status for age). After all, there’s a reason you can’t hit both sides of your forehand, even if you come close to the big chunks of the ATP rankings. If anything, players who can hit both the forehand and the two-handed backhand were champs, like Fabrice Santoro (ask Forget, Sampras and Safin for perfect definitions of “Le Magicien”), or even won Grand Slam titles, such as Marion Bartoli.

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