Who is Sarah Everard and what happened in London?

The Sarah Everard dies Shocked the UK, causing theWave of protests, Whose center was the demonstration at Clapham Common Park.

Sarah Everard’s murder has sparked a flurry of controversy since she becameAfter another killing of a female, Which was exacerbated by the fact that the author was A. policemanThat is, one who should make people feel protected. A series of initiatives multiplied on the Internet and live under the banner “She was just on her way home.” (He was coming home, Ed), And all arose out of a strong sense of anger that re-illuminates topics Safety of women and on Women pesticides.

Who is Sarah Everard and what happened in London?

Sarah Everard was born in Surrey in 1987 and grew up in York, a city in the north-east of England, where she attended Fulford School, then pursued her studies at the St. Cuthbert Society at Durham University, majoring in human geography. Currently it was marketing manager For digital media agency and lived in south London, in the area Brixton Hill.

On March 3, at 9 p.m., Everard He leaves a friend’s houseClose to Clapham Kumon Park to return home. During the trip, she called her friend, whom I talked to for about 15 minutes, his passage was recorded by a video camera for intercom at 21.28, and from that moment on There is no more news about the girl. Everard’s friend the next day He reports the disappearance of his girlfriend And immediately the searches begin. Scotland Yard is patrolling the entire area and also appealing to residents via social networks to request information and assistance. During the inspection, some 750 homes were searched, ponds in the surrounding area emptied, and investigations extended to Kent County, to the southeast.

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Several days later, on March 9th The main suspect has been arrestedThis is Wayne Cuisine A. Police officer of Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection CommandHe called for protection of British parliamentary estates and embassies in London. Panic reigns over the police. The next day comes I found a body torn to pieces In a wooded area in Ashford, I was. The condition of the remains did not allow identification of the body, but an analysis of Sunni impressions confirmed that it was indeed Sarah Everard.

In a short time, confirmation also arrived that the murder had been done by Wayne Cousins ​​whose arrest had been verified. What followed was The police panickedWho defined it as ‘Shocking and very disturbing’, Ago “Our mission is to patrol the streets and protect people.”Adds Metropolitan Police Chief Mrs. Cressida Dick.

The dramatic event though It also sparked the minds of the citizensNot only in the UK, but in different parts of the world, giving rise to the George Floyd effect, another crime at the hands of the police.

The wave of protests in London

The dramatic event sparked, in the face of yet another murder of females and the impossibility of self-defense against those who must actually defend us,Wave of protests, The center of which was the demonstration at Clapham Common Park, during which hundreds of people gathered.

It is a well-known fact that unfortunately almost all women in Britain have it He suffered various harassment In the course of one’s life, a phenomenon that cannot and should not continue to exist, especially if committed by those who must defend citizens. It comes on Saturday, March 13th He announces a candlelight demonstration In honor of Sarah Everard under the logo “She was just on her way home.” (He was just walking home.) Due to restrictions due to the health emergency, the event was not authorized, and the park has been turned into a one-person theater A clash between protesters and police forcesAs a result, four women were shackled.

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The reckless and violent intervention of the police force has fueled the lives of the protesters, who also share a feeling of distrust towards the police, to which the killer Sarah Everard belongs. Was on the spot Commentary from the political classThat sided On the part of the protesters He speaks cruelly against the definition of the police “shocking” H “Unacceptable” Funnel photos.

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