Who is Matteo Brancaccio, the fitness man?

In a former Minimondo living room in “Next Post!” Performed by Paolo Bonoulis, back at Canale 5 in March, one of the characters most appreciated by the audience is the Fitness Man character. His role is played by Matteo Brancaccio, a professional in the sports sector.

Come last!It is one of the most popular entertainment programs on television.

This is evidenced by interest on social networks as users keep asking themselves and asking authors and heroes when to retransmit.

“Come on another one!” Conducted by Paolo Bonolis H Luca Laurenti It should restart in March Channel 5.

Another Fitness Man in Avante !: Matteo Brancaccio

One of the most beloved characters in Ex Minimondo living roomLast season, it was Fitness Man aka Matteo Bracani.

Sports and fitness are a huge passion Matteo, Who opened a gym in Rome with a friend. Braccani is also a personal trainer, sports coach, trainer High intensity fitness program.

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We know he graduated in Motor science to me Noted Rome, Romanian university institute dedicated to the teaching of sport and exercise sciences.

New Bonolis evening program: Casting


While recordings of new episodes fromCome to another one!“They left in the fall and go on, Los Angeles SDL 2005, Which is a led casting and television production company Sonia Broganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis, Preparing for a new evening program, as mentioned on her dedicated social profiles.

The pre-advertisement for this new TV project has also been posted on the Internet. To suggest your candidacy (for adults onlyYou must send a file WhatsApp message (No calls) on the number 351 8714814Enter name, surname, age, city of residence, phone number, and category of affiliation.

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The Classifications that SDL 2005 looking for:

– brutal

Innovators or followers of new philosophies

Reserves (eternal seconds, seats)



– Nostalgia Al-Mady (archaeologists, incarnate, small and large)

Participants in all kinds of contests, even the most absurd ones


– Corrupt (of any kind)

– Local TV stars.

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