Who is entitled to a full exemption?

Good news for many drivers who can benefit from the car tax exemption. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Food, clothing, leisure time, various children’s activities, etc. There are a lot of things that you have to deal with on time that, in most cases, lead to payment Money. If we then add the negative impact of Covid on the economy, the situation inevitably gets worse, with more and more families experiencing a financial crisis. In fact, there are many Costs That affect each family’s budget.

These also include those ofautomatic. A clear example of this is insurance, gasoline, maintenance costs, and car tax. just delve into car tax It is good to know that there are many motorists who can benefit from the relative exemption. How is that possible? So let’s get into the details to see all there is to know about him and above all who is entitled to it.

Car tax, attention: someone deserves an exemption

Among the taxes that motorists hate the most car tax It inevitably ends up having a negative impact on the budget of many Italian families. Precisely for this reason, in order to meet the needs of the groups most affected by the economic crisis caused by Covid, many cuts have been made and exemptions.

But not only that, many have been able to benefit from it Cancellation of tax invoices up to 5 thousand eurosReferring to the period from 2000 to 2010. Also with regard to the car tax, it is also good to know that, contrary to what one might think, not everyone has to pay it always. In some cases, in fact, as mentioned earlier, it is possible to take advantage of it exemptions, which allows many to avoid paying car tax.

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Car tax, good news on the way for those who own an electric car

In this particular context, we recall that on May 20, 2019, a ruling was issued by the Constitutional Court, on the basis of which Areas of discretion on the matter, provided that the limit imposed by state regulations is respected. This means that each region has autonomy when it comes to determining the auto tax.

So it should come as no surprise that some of the benefits available in one area may not be guaranteed in another. Precisely for this reason, we always invite you to consult the website of Area Where you reside, so you can find out if you are entitled to waivers.

But not only that, car tax exemption can also be linked Vehicle Type in our possession. Who buys a car? electricalFor example, he can take advantage of not paying car tax for five years.

But not only that, once this time period has elapsed, the tax to be paid will be much less than that which would have to be paid instead by those with a petrol, diesel or gas car. regarding Hybrid carsFurthermore, the exemption can range from three to five years as determined by the individual’s area of ​​jurisdiction.

Talking about the autonomy of the regions, for example Piedmont Decide to grant a vehicle tax exemption to Euro 6 or higher vehicles, as well as electric, methane, LPG or LPG vehicles intended for construction.

in a LombardyOn the other hand, you are entitled to an indefinite car tax credit if you purchase an electric or hydrogen vehicle. But not only that, those who demolish polluting cars have the right to benefit from an incentive equal to 90 euros. Moreover, if you replace the contaminated car with a Euro 5 and 6 gasoline car, a hybrid or a dual-fuel car, the road tax is free for three years.

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Disabled people and old cars, these are the ones who are entitled to exemption from car tax

In addition to the cases mentioned above, you should know that there are also other cases in which you are entitled to be exempt from paying car tax. Who owns a carage, This is it More than thirty yearsYou don’t have to pay car tax. In this case, in fact, only road tax must be paid, the value of which ranges from 25.82 to 31.24 euros.

The same goes for scooters. In the case, on the other hand, it is a vehicle that owns Between twenty and twenty-nine years of ageA reduction in the amount to be paid can be requested and obtained. Provided that the certificate is of historical importance.

Important concessions are also expected to be made to Persons with disabilities who can benefit from Law 104. Going into detail, blind or deaf people with disabilities fall into this category, as evidenced by certificates issued by general medical assessment committees.

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But not only that, even people who have amputated limbs are disabled or have severe limitations in the ability to walk and a psychological or mental disability. Well, in the presence of the means used to transport the disabled, in fact, one has the right to reach the relative Exemption. This is provided that the vehicle in question is registered in the name of the disabled person or a financially dependent family member.

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