Who is Edith Silman and why is he putting the Israeli government in crisis –

to David Frattini

The deputy entered politics with Naftali Bennett and remained with him until Wednesday, when she left Yamina with 60 deputies compared to 60 from the opposition. A tie that has not yet led to a fall and a return to early elections

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Jerusalem – Repeat just a few months ago there coalition It would not have disintegrated under the pressure of ideological differences. Just a few months ago, Likud opponents called her a liar and a manipulator. Currently Edith Silman didn’t dismantle the government but he definitely nibbled on the majority For religious issues of unleavened bread. Former Likud opponents are now welcoming him back to the right’s true homeland. Teacher, then director at the largest Israeli mutual aid, entered politics with Naftali Bennett Two years ago and I stayed with him until WednesdayWhen he withdrew from the right-wing party and the prime minister with 60 deputies against 60 from the opposition. A tie that has not yet led to a fall and a return to early elections after the period of political chaos that ended in May 2021.

Silman left in protest of Nitzan Horowitz’s decisionMinister of Health, to allow relatives and visiting nurses or doctors to take pita bread or loaves from home to hospitals In violation of Jewish rules for the Passover period: During Easter week, only unleavened bread is allowed. Horowitz and the head of the health committee had already clashed over the abortion when the minister announced that he wanted to make it easier to terminate the pregnancy. in general They represent two opposing views in Israeli society: Horowitz leads Meretz, the country’s first party to elect an openly gay leader, with the radical left supporting struggles to limit religion’s interference in daily life, from the operation of public transportation on Saturdays to Mekita freedom. Silman – a committed Jew, like Bennett who opposes a peace agreement with the Palestinians – He said he had been subjected to pressure and verbal threats from pro-Likud activists in recent months Written by Benjamin Netanyahu. that he had already offered her a seat in the party and – if there were elections and she won – the seat in the Ministry of Health which is now in Horowitz.

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