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The draw for the Champions League knockout stages has just ended when Fenway Sports Group Holdings (FSG), the American company that owns – among other things – the Boston Red Sox in baseballAnnounces Prepare to put Liverpool up for sale and give up their interests in the Premier League, It started in 2010 by buying the historic English club. The official communications came from the same Boston club which stated in a statement that – under the appropriate circumstances – it will be open to a sale of the Reds, for the club’s benefit. Last May, the magazine Forbes The English team returned the value of 4.45 billion dollars. It is believed that this is the auction base that the Fenway Group will be ready to familiarize with potential buyers.

What is the Fenway Sports Group?

But what kind of company is Fenway Sports Group? And who is behind it? The group was founded in 2001 in the US city of Boston as New England Sports Ventures (Nesv), which would then change to the current group in March 2011 to honor Fenway Park, the baseball stadium where the Massachusetts team plays. It is famous for being one of the most iconic and representative sports facilities in American sports. The owner of the FSG is businessman John William Henry, while Thomas C. Werner – Also known for his career in TV production – and Chairman of the Board. Its main activity is that of the international sports complex. In addition to the Reds (and Anfield), in fact, since 2004, the company has also owned the Red Socks, and won the World Baseball Championship several years later, the Pittsburgh Penguins ice hockey team and 50% of Roush Fenway. Nascar Series Auto Team. Fenway Sports Group also has a television business, owning 80% of the shares of US satellite network New England Sports Network.

From LeBron James to RedBird: Who are the partners

FSG’s largest shareholder is its founder, John W. Henry, who owns 40% of the stock. The second, and only one besides Henry, owns a double-digit stake, Michael Gordon’s 12%. In addition to being the club’s president, he is also one of the managing directors at Liverpool. It’s not the only investor with a central role in the club either, among the more than 30 shareholders there are other names: Reds boss Tom Werner, vice presidents David Ginsberg and Philip H. Morse and managing director Michael J. Egan. But among the most famous names, The English Premier League team can boast of LeBron James, the star of basketball and the National Basketball Association Who is currently wearing the Los Angeles Lakers jersey, after numerous victories between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat. In 2011, James bought 2% of the club, which led to a large and profitable marketing influx that connected Liverpool to the United States. At the time of purchase, his stake was worth $6.5 million; Today, thanks to financial growth, it appears that she has reached $32 million. There is no shortage of links (even if not direct) with Italy. Among the contributors there is also Thomas Dibenito, the former president of AS Roma, but in 2018 there was also a lot of talk about the close ties between the FSG and his successor (and now also former), James Pallotta. In the end, Also on the list of contributors is Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Fund, that on August 31, he completed the acquisition of Milan from the Elliott Fund for €1.2 billion.

John W. Henry, Founder and Shareholder

John William Henry is an American businessman born in Illinois in 1949. He moved to California in the 1960s and started his career after leaving the University of California. According to the latest Forbes update, Its assets amount to 1.99 billion pounds, equivalent to 2.6 billion dollars And in the list of the world’s richest people ranks 804. In 2013, he bought the Boston Globe for 70 million pounds, which he still owns today. He has always approached football and the world of sport in general not only for business but also as a fan. He often goes from the United States, accompanied by his wife or President Gordon, to Liverpool to attend the matches of the Reds in person.

Working with Liverpool

Fenway Sports Group formally acquired Liverpool from previous owners, George Gillett and Tom Hicks, on 6 October 2010 with an investment of £300 million. In addition to releasing the club on the pitch, the club has also given a boost to its balance sheets. In 2019 its valuation was £1.7 billion, Yield – second MilanFinance – 466%. But according to his latest analysis ForbesIt is now worth $4.45 billion (about 3.5 billion pounds). Some of the magazine’s internal sources will be revealed ethyl That the company has already given the assignment to two investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to collect any expressions of interest from third parties. The door appears to be open to both minority and majority shareholders, but FSG’s hope is to collect a figure as close as possible to the value of Chelsea, which was sold to Todd Boehle for £4.25 billion, equivalent to roughly €5 billion. .

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