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After consolidating the suspension of the Cashback and Supercashback programs, the government is considering a new system to incentivize electronic payments. This is the so-called ATM bonus which, in some cases, provides for a refund of up to 480 euros. Let’s go through the details of this new measurement together.

After cashback here is ATM . Bonus. But what exactly is it and who will it be? How many slats will you be subject to and how much are they worth?

The intent of the program is Stimulating the use of electronic payments, allowing professionals and commercial operators to obtain this bonus.

Will it be another program that will be postponed later or is it the right way forward? In the meantime, let’s get acquainted with its properties.

Reward ATM: for whom it is and how it works

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The initiative is specifically aimed at VAT number holders and for all persons engaged in commercial, technical or professional activities. These items must sell or provide services and must incur expenses to provide their customers with the means of payment using electronic tools.

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The reward is set to be complete Tax credit for purchase and use of POS connected to cash registers Used allow you to reset commissions.

The bonus ends in two different ways:

  • tax credit worth €320 for VAT number holders who make payments possible using advanced electronic payment tools;
  • tax credit worth €160 for expenses incurred to equip themselves with standard POS payment systems.
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Obviously, it is possible for a trader or a professional to implement both methods, so the maximum amount payable by way of the bonus is 480 euros.

ATM bonus: how to get it and deadlines to meet

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To claim the remuneration, the operator or the professional must deliver all documentation of the expenses incurred to private accountant, which will be activated later to get the reward.

The deadline for submitting an application for an ATM bonus is set in 30 June 2022.

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