Who designed the Eurovision 2023 stage?

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Everything is ready for Finalist of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Saturday, May 13, all eyes are on the stage of the Liverpool Arena, the multi-purpose center designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects and Sport Concept, which opened on January 12, 2008. Chosen as the stage Eurovision Song Contest, English leisure architecture is the venue for the performances of the ten semi-final winners (Croatia, Moldova, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, Serbia, Norway) added to the Big Five and passed right in the final showdown With Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. Even the tricolor flag bearer, Marco Mengoni – Winner of the Sanremo Festival 2023 – Then he went on stage in Liverpool to sing on the notes of two lives. who will win?

Eurovision 2023 stage

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 stage designed by Yellow Studio

Corinne Cumming

To fill in the blank, in addition to the music, A.J Plan of 220 square meters Who welcomes the theme of the 67th edition of the event united by music, fil rouge of the event that resonates like a hymn to peace (the UK is, in fact, hosting this year’s contest on behalf of the 2022 winners, Ukraine). Joined by a dedicated production design team, specializing in production design, creative direction and art direction for television and live events, Yellow Studio sponsoredactually, The stage Imagine it as a big hug. The challenge, after all, is engaging viewers connected by cable across space, a global crowd of more than 160 million people. The description reads: “The project covers the floor of the arena, connecting the stage, performers, audience and green space into a single structure.” “This immersive approach provides contestants and guests with multiple performance venues and demonstrates how music can push boundaries and bring people together as one.”

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