Who can receive the car tax refund for 2020

Stamp duty on your vehicle follows rules that vary from region to region. In many cases, individual departments have ordered a series of exemptions or reimbursements for motorists due to the ongoing pandemic crisis. Who can recover the car tax for the year 2020? Below we analyze the main cases in which operations can be used to return the amount paid.

What cuts and concessions citizens expect?

Taxpayers’ expectations regarding the following decree-law that the executive must sign are numerous and of a different nature. The text of the draft talks about the settlement and cancellation of tax invoices affecting the 2000-2015 tax period. This can bring a breath of relief to many taxpayers who are faced with labor shortages and the ongoing economic and health crisis. Even in the case of character automatic Some regions’ initiatives have assessed some cases where funds can be recovered. This is why an interested driver can consult initiatives promoted by their region of affiliation. So who can recover the car tax for 2020?

In which cases is the payment made by the provinces in general?

As we said, there is no single regulation, but each region has adopted specific measures. In addition to the exemptions from paying car ownership tax, there are also cases of reimbursement.

In most cases, regions that also considered the latter would proceed to pay in specific circumstances. The three main reasons why you can file a refund request for amounts already paid in 2020 are as follows: Cases where the taxpayer has overpaid; Cases where the taxpayer made a payment that was not actually due; Or cases in which the taxpayer made a double payment related to the same due date. So here’s who can get the 2020 auto tax refund. Every motorist can also refer to regional procedures to find out what specific tax cuts apply in 2021.

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Holders of Law 104 cannot pay their car tax According to the agency Enter

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