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against the Dear Bills One of the wisest investments that can be made in the future, in a medium to long term perspective, is light panel. Making your home autonomous from an energy point of view, through a series of systems such as photovoltaic panels, is appropriate and in many cases appropriate precisely because of the presence of bonus Economical allows you to pay less not only for photovoltaic panels and their installation, but also for storage systems.

The Solar Panels They allow you to pay an energy bill of about 500 euros per year, which is a good saving compared to the current cost of energy. However, the effectiveness of solar panels depends not only on the management ability of the individual, but also on innovation and improvement storage systems (Batteries) which are used to store energy and allow the accumulated energy to be used even in periods of low light or in the evening phase of the day when the sun is gone.

Three of the different bonuses arranged by the government, from the cost of photovoltaic cells to their installation, there are also bonus to allow install energy storage systems Connected to renewable source systems, including solar panels, which can be scaled up in an individual’s home, building or company.

Bonus for PV Systems: What is the Bonus of Accumulation

The bonus on PV systems storage batteries was established by the Revenue Agency. This is a tax credit bonus for those who, by 2022, subsidize the costs of installing an energy storage system for a renewable source plant, such as photovoltaic systems.

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The judgment is signed by Ernesto Maria Ruffini, Director of the Revenue Agency and allows you to benefit from the support provided by Budget Law 2022, to save when installing a storage system for photovoltaic panels. The resources allocated amount to a total of €3 million for 2022 and the bonus percentage will be determined based on the number of applications received.

How to apply for Storage Battery Bonus?

to get Bonus on storage batteries Application must be submitted By March 30, 2023. The application can be entered from March 1, 2023 and only through the online collection and application method. In fact, you will have to use the web service of the Revenue Agency, in the designated area for taxpayers, to submit the application.

The award will be disbursed after the submitted application has been reviewed, but as early as the fifth day of submission, the answer to the actual award eligibility will be available. In fact, a receipt certifying the acceptance of the application, as well as the methods of use, with the words “appropriate” or reasons for exclusion, will be issued.

Who can benefit from the Storage Battery Bonus?

To be able to send the bonus for storage batteries for PV systems and to make use of them, you must meet some requirements. For example, a storage system (battery) should be installed in 2022, even on a pre-existing photovoltaic system.

To find out The percentage of tax credit However, we will have to wait a little longer, in fact it will berevenue agency To disclose the percentage based on the number of applications to be received and on the basis of funds allocated for 2022.

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