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Everything is ready to pay € 1,600 INPS Bonus. For those who have been disqualified from the first tranche, the application must be submitted by September 30.

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Bonus of € 1,600, provided by INPS and comes with the summer. Indeed, in fact, from June 25 already, it is possible to access the compensation offered by the Foundation to professionals. Expected reward, promised and now, Finally ready to roll into your pockets Whoever has the right. Specific recipients, custom procedures to follow and a fund announcement with Dl Sostegni that will help make recovery this summer less difficult. As mentioned, it has already started a few days ago: as of June 25, acceptance of applications for access to the INPS contribution of 1,600 euros has opened, and as usual, the application will be sent faster and the sooner the funds will arrive.

They range from 1,600 euros for professionals and VAT figures as a Covid allowance, while fishermen and agricultural workers have been touched at 950 euros and 850, respectively. Here, too, the rule of non-reimbursable contributions applies: those who have already benefited from compensation with the first Sostegni, will not have to submit any application. The situation is different for those who stayed out of the Inps bonus. For them, there is still a waiting, but it will not be an infinite waiting. On the other hand, former beneficiaries are already collecting revenue agency credits.

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Inps bonus, all ready: Allowance recipients

As mentioned, the range of beneficiaries is very wide. INPS directs compensation to workers belonging to the category of intermittent workers, to self-employed persons on occasion, to those responsible for home sales. But also seasonal workers and employees in the tourism and spa sectors, but also for show business workers. Inside, as mentioned, Even permanent agricultural workers and independent fishermen. The application must be submitted no later than September 30, 2021, but anyone among the recipients of emergency income must abstain from voting. In fact, this is an incompatible procedure.

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The new batch of aid is actually ready to arrive. Who will serve these days, most likely Within a month, you may see the money already credited on your current account. The approval methods, for those who have already taken advantage of the INPS benefit in the first session, will remain as originally defined.

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