While working in the backyard, he comes across a grave, and inside he makes a discovery

He comes across a grave while doing yard work. Let’s see together this amazing discovery.

Discovery inside a cemetery –

There have been many archaeological discoveries during the year 2023. And all different kinds and in the most disparate regions of the world. Among the archaeological sites, targets that have been chasing each other for some time and amazing hacks, the most incredible are the ones that happen by ordinary citizens. News came to us about rings found through metal detectors, loot of gold was found during a simple walk. Today’s discovery is as amazing as it is serendipitous. in the courtyard. Let’s see where it happened and what it is.

He stumbles upon a grave while working in the backyard, that’s what he discovers

A Friday like many, turns out to be a memorable day for this family.

The protagonist of this story is called Oddbjorn Hollum Heland. The guy lives in Citesdale South Norway with his wife, Ann. He came across a gravesite while working in the backyard, can you believe it?

In fact, Hyland has been handling some extension work outside his home for weeks now, An old house dating back to 1740. The works should be very simple, small improvements to gain space between the house and the land around it. So you can imagine his surprise at touching a long, hard stone while excavating.

Unable to imagine what it was, Helland continued his excavations, initially recovering an iron object that would have resembled a blade, possibly a sword. his intuition, Or you accidentally discovered an ancient graveLater it turned out to be correct.

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Artifact found in the tomb –

It is clear not just any grave, but a tomb Age of the Vikings! It is not uncommon in Norway to find finds of this kind, although it is very difficult to find graves also accompanied by finds, and this cemetery in particular has proven to be very rich. Even the author of the find immediately understood this, as he himself tells the columns of Science Norway, who were the first to share the news.

After doing some Google searches that helped him confirm that the recovered blade was really a Viking Age one, the man grabbed whatever salvage he could, making sure to notify the authorities immediately.

Finds from the Viking Age

Two true sector experts immediately intervened, Archaeologist Joachim Wintervoll and Joe Simon Stock, researcher at the Oslo Museum of Cultural History. The two scientists confirmed the authenticity of the Vikings’ tomb.

The amazing richness of this discovery has practically rallied many experts in the field. The main find appears to be a well-preserved sword. 70 cm long by 5 cm thick. What is very interesting is the handle, which apparently dates back to the year 1000.

And that’s not all. Setesdla’s tomb has also revealed many other valuable finds. Along with the sword Hiland retrieved a spear, possibly for use on horseback. and more Glass beads, a belt buckle and an antique bronze brooch with embroidery seem to draw an animal, possibly used to stop cloaks. Some of these items contain some gold.

Finds from the Viking Age –

According to the two scientists involved, this is one of the richest tombs found in these regions. And most importantly about Stokke, the objects found within are among the best preserved of those they’ve worked on so far. What will happen now? The objects inside the tomb will be transferred to the Oslo Museum, for better analysis and possibly to give a more accurate identification of what kind of warrior was its rightful owner.

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Meanwhile, this was called Very valuable research, because it is very rare to find a complete set of weapons. The homeowners themselves said they were shocked. When they bought such ancient land, they certainly did not imagine that they could come across something so valuable, since the house lot is so far away from other recognized sites of historical interest. Meanwhile, authorities publicly thanked the Hyland couple for promptly notifying them and allowing the excavation.

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