While he was sleeping he felt stung, under a microscope he discovered who was in his bed: terrifying!

He was asleep and felt stung: Dr. Micro revealed what was on his pillow. Here’s how to fix it by avoiding similar situations

Doctor Micro (screen from Instagram video) – OrizzontEnergia.it

Have you ever felt uncomfortable during sleep, itching and feeling like you are not alone in bed? A strange circumstance but it can happen if certain precautions are not taken. He showed it well in a video, on his Instagram profile, Doctor Microthe name chosen by Ferdinando Todaro for social media.

The young man, as he himself declares, has passion Notes under a microscope Thus his “discoveries” rooted in everyday life, he presents them to his followers, who number over 11 thousand, through a series of short, simple and explanatory videos. He also did this to understand what was bothering him in bed. The find is amazing.

He fell asleep and was shocked: the discovery that makes you think

Microscope (Canva) – OrizzontEnergia.it

Dr. Micro recounted his experience in a short clip on Instagram. He felt a presence on his pillow as he slept so much that he felt a tingling in his head. And so he analyzed what was in the bed and the discovery was absolutely terrifying. that it Dust mites who slid between the sheets and immediately made his presence felt. These little animals are good at hiding and sneaking up everywhere, even between clothes.

But how can such a thing? It is a fairly normal occurrence that happens if you do not take careful care of the bed. In fact, due to the composition of the mattress and pillows, the sleeping area becomes the perfect place for mites to accumulate. That is why it is recommended Change the sheets once a weekeven less, and prefer a High temperature washat least 60 degrees.

The mites found in the bed (screen from the Instagram video) – OrizzontEnergia.it

In this way, continuous and thorough cleaning that prevents the proliferation of these microorganisms is promoted. If you are allergic to mites, the advice is also to choose a mite-proof mattress and pillow and use a dedicated spray on the mattress to remove any trace. A very effective technique to avoid the presence of these annoying creatures in the bed is to vacuum the mattress and disinfect it in a specific way. Little tricks that make the difference that we all should have.

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