Which ones to use on Black Friday

On the occasion of Black Friday, which will take place on Friday 25 November, it will be possible to take advantage of some of the bonuses made available by previous governments. Let’s see together which ones.

Like every year, this time too Black Friday It will be held on the last Friday of November, namely the 25th of November. With Black Friday we refer to that event that includes one Marathon of discounts, promotions and special offers On hundreds of products from all major brands.

What are the bonuses to use on Black Friday

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There are many bonus Made available by previous governments and can be used on the occasion of November 25th. Let’s see together which ones.

€150 bonus

The €150 bonus It is made by Aid ter Ordinance and consists of a one-time contribution aimed at workers, pensioners and unemployed people who have Income less than 20 thousand euros in 2021.

The bonus will be paid to the beneficiaries during the month of November; For this reason, Black Friday can be an excellent opportunity to spend 150 euros and buy something useful on offer.

Furniture and Hardware Rewards

The Furniture and appliances bonus Consists of Personal income tax deduction Targeted at those who have purchased and will purchase furniture and appliances by December 31, 2024 and have installed them Building renovation interventions As of January 1 of the year prior to the purchase of merchandise.

Therefore, Black Friday might be a good time to take advantage of this discount and exchange old devices for newer, more efficient models, while also favoring energy savings.

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culture reward

The culture reward It was introduced in 2016 and provides for a contribution equal to 500 EUR Addressed to At the age of.

The reward is aimed at culture promotion among young people; In fact, it is possible to spend the reward on cinema, music, concerts, cultural events, books, museums, visits to monuments and archaeological parks, theater and dance, audiovisual publishing products, music courses, theater courses, foreign language courses, such as in addition to newspaper subscriptions also in digital form.

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