Which one is about to close?

Postal books that have not been used for ten years are close to closing, Poste Italiane reports. Extinction will relate to policies, checks and savings books that have not been dealt with. Let’s see what Poste said about it and how to redeem the savings.

Italian Post She announced that she was ready Pay all postal books stayed Not used for ten years. there The expected date Who is this June 21 It will mostly relate to policies, checks, and savings books that are not dealt with by a Balance over 100 EUR.

Let’s see together what he said on the matter Italian Post And how to get your savings back.

Poste Italiane, attention: the extinction of “idle” ledgers

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Italian Post It has been announced that the next month will go into closing Postal books What’s called “in a deep sleep‘This is it, left Not used for ten years. In a note from Poste we read:

By June 21, 2022, holders of brochures found to be “idle” as of November 30, 2021 are invited to give instructions at any post office and to allow their brochure to be registered, so as to avoid, after this last date, the fading of the brochure.

So if there is a file Restore savingsThere is a risk that the amounts will be transferred to finance Founded by Finance 2006.

How to check and redeem your savings

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In order to check if you have a file dormant postal book It is necessary to consult on the site Italian Post there List of closed brochures Based on the identification number of the post office it was opened in. The closure will mainly concern Non-current policies, checks and savings books With Balance over 100 EUR.

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However, closing postal books does not automatically result in capital lossso it is expected 10 years Time to claim the contents of the brochures. Refund requests can be submitted at Consap Spa online or a Registered letter a / y at the company’s headquarters.

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