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Gathering to watch a national team game while eating pizza with friends is one of the most loved traditions of Italians. Even these New Yorkers keep up the habit, sharing in seeing blues matches in bars, restaurants, and pubs all over the city.

This Sunday, as we know, after winning the semi-final against Spain, Italy will face England in the final of the European Championship, which will be held at Wembley Stadium at 3pm EST. In addition to being able to watch the game on ESPN, city residents will be able to take to the street and enjoy drinks and delicacies in one of the many places that will provide visibility.


As a first choice, the very Italian restaurant lights in Manhattan Bringing together delicious pizza for years, the Fourth best player in the United States According to, to the love of football and coexistence. And to finish, the restaurant organized a neighborhood party, with the road closed and two large screens, inside and out, to engage even those who would not find a seat in the restaurant. There are no reservations, but it is recommended to arrive around 1.30pm to find a table.

Rosario Brusino (Photo by Terry W. Sanders)

“We invite all Italians to come, and we hope to make sure they can come together to celebrate together during the match,” said one of the owners of the game. fluctuation Rosario Brusino. “I hope there’s a reason to celebrate!”

The restaurant often organizes watching football matches, which are usually attended by citizens of Italian, European and South American descent, as well as many Americans who have begun to engage in this sport. But this Sunday, given the importance of the game in question, it will be the first time they have participated in an event of this magnitude.

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There is, too football factoryAnd the branch of the local legends Considered the home of football in New York, it will offer social viewing, with over 20 large screens to enjoy from every angle. A typical American pub menu and plenty of drinks, along with the largest collection of football memorabilia in the country and a view of the Empire State Building, make legends One of the most famous sports clubs in the city.

Obviously, by going to Little Italy, you will find many restaurants with screen settings on Wembley.

Italy fans in Manhattan (Photo by Terry W. Sanders)

Bronx E Queens

Also in Little Italy of the Bronx, on Arthur Street, between Crescent Avenue and Adams Place, there will be one big party for the European Football Final. The neighborhood itself will provide a screen of approximately 4 meters to watch the match, and the surrounding venues will serve authentic Italian dishes.

There is, too Bronx Beer House, a brewery at 238th Street, will continue with the events it hosted during the Europeans Trail. For the duration of the final match, in fact, in addition to the screens to watch the game, happy hour will be served, with drinks for $5 and craft beer.

The All Football Espresso Bar Queens, on the other hand, has organized a hybrid event between inside and outside the venue, where drinks, food, ice cream and live music will be served. Here it is suggested to arrive at 2pm, even if you can book on the number on their Instagram account. The long-awaited match will be shown on a screen more than 5 meters wide.

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Finally, even Brooklyn clubs have made great plans for Italy and England. The Iona BarIt is a Scottish pub and restaurant with an outside area in the back, often providing watching football matches of all kinds. There will be no reservations on Sunday, but managers suggest arriving around 1am to take advantage of snacks, cocktails, beer, and the relaxed atmosphere of the garden before the final jitters.

The Jackbar, in the Williamsburg area, ranks among the best pinball machine breweries in town. The venue will allow fans to watch the match, and for those less interested, to immediately enjoy the atmosphere and games.

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