Where is the Orion Artemis 1 capsule now?

Artemis 1 finally got underway on November 16, with the SLS launching at 07:47 ITA. 8 minutes after launch, the SLS’s central core separated from the second stage, while the Orion capsule separated from it 1 hour and 57 minutes after launch. At that moment, the single capsule’s journey began, which will take it into lunar orbit, before returning and landing on Earth.

In this article, constantly updated, We will provide all information about the position of the Orion capsule and its subsequent maneuvers, and we will also collect all the photos that will be taken during the flight. The landing is scheduled for December 11 at 19:06 Italian time. The updates on this page are mainly of two types.

  • Next maneuver update, indicates the next operation that Orion will have to perform.
  • Attitude update, indicates Orion’s position.
  • Mission Status Update Refers to an update to the Artemis 1 mission missions, or Orion logistics operations.

For accurate data on the distance traveled and the location of Orion in real time, NASA has Created this site.

The full mission outline anticipates a 25.5-day flight.

  • In the first five days Orion will approach the moon.
  • From the sixth to the ninth day, DRO orbit entry operations will be performed. On the sixth day (Monday the 21st), a FlyBy of the Moon will take place, which will bring Orion to a minimum distance from the surface of about 130 km.
  • From Day 10 to Day 15, the capsule will remain in DRO orbit around our satellite.
  • On December 1, the day of Mission 16, Orion will leave DRO orbit.
  • On mission day 26, i.e. December 11, abandonment is expected.
Artemis-1 DRO
The stages of the journey to the moon of Orion.

to know more

The Artemis 1 mission is an important step for the program, and not only does it have to start, but everything goes smoothly throughout the 26 days of travel. In fact, the main objective of this mission remains to test the SLS carrier and Orion capsule. On board the capsule and rocket are several experiments, as well as ten different cubes. In these visions it is possible to read all the details regarding the Artemis 1 mission.

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