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joker malware

in 2017 The Joker malware has infected thousands of apps Thanks to this he had Robbed of checking accounts and credit cards Thousands of android users. After this episode ends 1,700 apps have been removed from the Google Play Store To prevent other users from downloading these infected applications.

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But in September of last year, Joker has infected 24 Android appsThe problem is that these apps are downloading fine 500 thousand times before removing it. From September 2020 until now it is estimated that More than 30 countries have been affected by this phenomenon.

Instead, the news of these watches comes with an official statement from the Belgian police where it has been confirmed how to do it This malware can infect Android devices by hiding in certain apps.

Belgian police reported that Google still has Eliminate 8 applications attacked by “Joker”.

What is Joker malware, how does it work and where it can hide

But let’s see in detail how this virus works and what it consists of.

Joker is a Trojan malware, which belongs to the category of viruses that target phone bills and can be Even authorizing operations without the direct consent of the data subject.

In this last case “Joker” was able to urge the user to subscribe to some paid services Without his permission: This way the customer finds himself paying subscriptions (usually Premium or more expensive) without knowing why and how it happened.

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But where is this Trojan virus hiding? What are the vulnerable apps for Android users? Google discovered “Joker” in these apps specifically: Accurate Scanner, Wish Translate, Nursing Letter, Partial Message, Tangram App Lock, Style Photo Collage, Hummingbird PDF Converter, All Good PDF Scanner, Talent Photo Editor, Paper Document Scanner, Sentence Translator, Mint Leaf Message.

For all Android users, it is necessary to check if one or more of these applications are installed and if so Remove it as soon as possible. This is because it is not said that even if Google deletes the app once downloaded It is not yet active on the user’s device.

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