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News and assurances about traveling abroad for tourism in the summer of 2021. Il Health Minister Roberto Speranza Last night, with a Facebook post, he announced a long-awaited signature New Decree July 29 Which regulates travel outside Italy, and updates the list of countries in which to travel.

She emphasized the restrictions imposed on countries with high epidemic risks, such as Sri Lanka and Brazil, while Expands the range of permitted flights outside the European Union (List D). Albeit with some restrictions on the return.

New Ordinance for Travel Abroad Summer 2021: Statement by Minister Speranza

“I just signed a yes law Extension of restrictive measures relating to entry into Italy from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Brazil. A 10-day quarantine has been confirmed for non-European countries except for those on the EU-recommended list for which quarantine has been reduced to 5 days,” Minister Speranza wrote. Adding: “The A small quarantine also from Great Britain Who can use their vaccination and recovery certificates for the Green Passage on Italian soil. For European countries and the Schengen area, as well as for Canada, Japan and the United States, the entry system with green certificate requirements is being expanded.

new law (Not published in the Official Gazette yet) You will enter Effective on July 31 and will be in effect until August 30, 2021.

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Traveling abroad: Where Italians can go from July 31, 2021

Quarantine, green corridor, accessible new countries and rules to respect when returning to Italy: in the face of the increase in infections worldwide, due to the spread of the variable delta, one travels abroad aware of the emergency situation and has in mind that each Something that can change quickly depending on the direction of infection in Italy or in the country of destination. So let’s try to explain to understand Where Italians can go and what to do when they return to Italy.

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Countries you can travel to for tourism without restrictions

Lists Countries A and B where it is possible to travel for tourism purposes without restrictions or reporting obligations (Except for those which may be required by States to enter their territory). List A includes Republic of San Marino and Vatican City State. No country is still on List B of low epidemic risk areas.

Travel in the European Union and Schengen countries: where you can go for tourism

Instead of updating the list List C countries, which exits from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (including Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and British bases on the island of Cyprus) and passes to D.

According to Italian legislation, travel for the purpose of tourism is possible for:

• Austria

• Belgium

• Bulgaria

• Cipro

• Croatia

• Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland)

• Estonia

• Finland

• France (including Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Reunion, Mayotte, excluding other territories outside the European continent)

• Germany

• Greece

• Ireland

• Latvia

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Malta

• The Netherlands (excluding regions outside the European continent)

• Poland

• Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira)

• Czech Republic

• Romania

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

• Spain (including the regions of the African continent)

• Sweden

• Hungary

• Iceland

• Liechtenstein

• Norway

• Swiss

• Andorra

• Principality of Monaco

• Israel

It’s important to remember that It is always possible for these countries to impose entry restrictions. It is always recommended to refer to the data sheet for the country of interest on ViaggiareSicuri.

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What to do when returning to Italy from a country on List C

Anyone who has resided in or transited through a List C country in the 14 days prior to returning to Italy must Fill out the Plf . form before entering our country (Here we explain what it is, where to download it and how it works). As you need to provide Green Pass or one of the valid green certificates (Certificate certifying completion of the vaccination course, negative result of a rapid or antigenic smear taken in the previous 48 hours, certificate of recovery from Covid-19).

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Traveling outside the EU: Where to go in summer 2021

With the new Decree of the Ministry of Health of July 29, 2021, the list of non-EU countries and territories included in List D has been extended.

Let’s see, for example, that it will be possible to reach many Balkan countries that were previously closed to us for tourism, while Thailand, due to the high number of infections, disappears from List D to move to E. From July 31 to August 30, 2021, it opens Italy to travel to:

• Albania

• Kingdom Saudi Arabia

• Armenia

• Australia

• Azerbaijan

• Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Brunei

• Canada

• The United Arab Emirates

• Japan

• Jordan

• Lebanon

• Kosovo

• Moldova

• the black Mountain

• new Zeland

• Qatar

• United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (including Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and British bases on the island of Cyprus, excluding territories not belonging to the European continent)

• The Republic of Korea

• Republic of North Macedonia

• Serbia

• Singapore

• United State

• Ukraine

• Taiwan

• Special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau

However, in this case also, in addition to considering, as Farnesina has remembered in recent days, that any trip abroad can have health risks and the possibility of stranding in the destination country in the event of a positive reaction to Covid-19 and It is a good idea to check that countries do not expect any restrictions on entry.

For example, if Italy actually opened to travel to United States of America, here he stays The travel ban is still in effect With a ban on entering the country for all arrivals from the Schengen area (including Italy).

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Traveling abroad outside the European Union: what to do when returning to Italy from a country on List D

The rules for entering Italy are stricter for those who have stayed in or transited through a List D country in the past 14 days.

It is actually mandatory Fill out and submit the PLF – Passenger Locator Form In digital or paper form and present at the time of boarding A certificate showing the negative result of a molecular test or antigen test that was carried out by swab in 72 hours before entry into our country.

The term has been shortened to 48 hours for arrivals from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland As shown in the following card.

Once you arrive in Italy it will be Mandatory to undergo a 5-day credit isolation at the address specified in the PLF NS Undergo a molecular or antigen testIt is carried out by swab at the end of the isolation period.

Special provisions relating to returnees from Canada, Japan, USA, which require the use of the green lane, as we explain in the next tab.

Where you can’t travel for tourism

The rest of the countries not included in the above lists are included inE cast.. Travel to these countries is already allowed Only for work needs, absolute urgent, health and study, go home.

Therefore, the rules for returning to Italy are also different for those who have resided or transited in these countries: in addition to the obligation to fill out the PLF and present the negative result of the molecular or antigenic time carried out in the previous 72 hours, credit isolation for 10 days upon arrival in Italy. At the end of the insulation, a new test should be carried out.

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