Where can the Juventus women who dream of Australia go (Turin)

Where can the Juventus women who did not even exist 5 years ago and after the achievement with Lyon dream of Torino (Australia)

Where and who knows where. Joseph Adrian Montemoro Wipe the horizon in the wake of the first phase of the quarters Champions League: for him Juventus multiply the leon (We re-read it several times because it sounds weird) And now he can only look further because his nature and the nature of his club dictate that. 5 years ago Juventus women He was not even there, yesterday he executed the most successful team in Europe: he did so on the long wave of the track that saw the Bianconeri beat Group A, the “iron group”, against all odds. For more information ask Chelsea or maybe you’d better not do it. Everything is incredibly unusual.

In short, it’s not a coincidence, even if luck – it’s no shame to admit it – is always necessary in these games. It was also necessary to create an effective, sarcastic and practical match plan, such as the one his coach had studied and waited and struggled and then went on to score the goals he remembered. BragginThis is the goal of this sportHow angry the Juventus manager was after the return of the Round of 32 last year! When he is always against leonThe Juventus to Guarino (Honour, too) She has practically given up the offensive phase to avoid boarding the plane. There were so many words, and it is right to do more about the good, the insight and the courage of a project made by quickly climbing the European football hierarchies. lambs I just imagined it by the way.

What then, beware, Juve is not stronger than Lyon (Good at not complaining for a few controversial judging episodes.) Yesterday it seemed clear: until the expulsion of the French controlled everywhere. But courage, hunger, wit and possibly unconsciousness are skills that often determine the outcome in this game, and therefore they must be taken into account. But we get lost: where could that go Juventus women? Joseph Adrian Montemoro Scan the horizon and think about it Australia: «if you arrived the last I stop football and go back there, at the beach.

Then the most serious correction: “We started this tournament from scratch, not knowing where we were and where we could go. We’re thinking about game after game, I know everyone says it, but that’s how it isThat’s why he asked in his small talk on the field after the celebrations.power to interFor the reconstruction, if Gama and her comrades doubled the company if they were to watch her in the semi-finals against one of them Bayern And the Paris Saint-Germain. The truth is that yesterday’s Juventus can play a little with everyone: the dream is free, but the final is Turin. It makes you smile but also think. everybody ‘Australia that stand out on the horizon.

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