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A hunger for revenge and a thirst for pulpit. The memory of the recent defeat suffered by the Nations League and the possibility of entering the top 4 in the World Championships pushed Italy to coach De Giorgi in the quarter-final against France, the gold medal in the last Olympics and the winner of the tournament. Beating in the US Final. Four challenges and only one set lost to the Azzurri, who after the clear lane in the group (side note: USA’s struggles against Turkey dramatically raise 3-0 which Giannelli and his buddies cut back for the Turks) in the second round. Cuba is tough, as he gives himself another “inside or out” match at the Stožice Arena in Ljubljana.

The transalpines’ path into this World Cup was paved with hurdles, starting with a debut with a false 3-0 down Germany to continuing with Slovenia winning in the tiebreak after eliminating several match points in the fourth. After walking with Cameroon, to close the pool, the battle with Japan that made it possible to reach the quarter-finals, but also knocked out Telli (who came out with an ankle problem, possibly losing), an injury that deprived France of a very valuable sum. Fixed in reception, like being an occasional favorite of Cleveland. In Tokyo it was the last three games that punished the French team’s apparent change of pace from a performance standpoint, allowing the team led by then coach Laurent Tilley to put Poland, Argentina and Russia in line. Italy hopes that this text will not be read again.

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Italia-Franceopponents of the blues

The composition of the French team is almost identical to that seen twelve months ago at the Tokyo Olympics, with the only exception being the absence of Daryl Poltor (Turkowing Center) and the addition of three pawns off the bench from the French League. As the second Diez of Tours Free, the three places Geoffroy (from Narbonne) and Henry (Plessis Robinson), which coach Gianni gave space in the final match of the qualifying round against Cameroon. Coming to … Starting at seven, three appeared in the perfect team for the Olympics: Irvine and Modena “Monsieur Magique” Ngapeth as spiker (event MVP), “Babar” Chinenyeze in the middle (new starring acquisition by Civitanova) and Genia Grebnikov who remains the world’s best interpreter in a free role. Two other winners (Seat 4 Klevignot and opposite Battery) were satisfied with the perfect formation of the Nations League, winning the Unipol Arena at the end of July and Ngapeth remains the best player in the event. Piacenza’s manager, Antoine Brizzard, fanning the balls in the control room, Benjamin Toniotti covering his back. As additional owners, three former members of our SuperLega: the restless Stephen Boyer (versus the ex-Verona, his entry with Japan was decisive), Art’s son Kevin Tilly (who wore the Ravenna, Modena and Latina shirts), both engaged to the Polish and Yasin Loati who married in Fenerbahce .

Italy and France, lineups

Italy: 1 Pinali, 3 Recine, 5 Michieletto, 6 Giannelli (cap.), 7 Balaso (L), 8 Sbertoli, 12 Bottolo, 14 Galassi, 15 Lavia, 16 Romanò, 17 Anzani, 19 Russo, 24 Scanferla (L) , 30 Moscow. Shepherd de Giorgi

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France: 1 Chinenyeze, 2 Grebennikov (L), 4 Patry, 6 Toniutti (cap.), 7 Tillie, 9 Ngapeth, 11 Brizard, 12 Boyer, 14 Le Goff, 15 Henry, 17 Clevenot, 19 Louati, 20 Diez (L). ), 25 Geoffroy. Gianni herds

Italy and France, where you can watch the match on TV and live

The Italy-France match, scheduled for Wednesday, September 7 at 5.30pm, will be broadcast unencrypted on Rai 2, and broadcast live on the Rai Play and Rai News portals. It will also be visible on Sky Sport Arena (satellite channel 204) and available live on Sky Go and Now TV, and the match will also be available to subscribers on the platform.

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