Where are you heading during summer vacation 2021?

With the uncertainty of the epidemiological situation, it is difficult to plan a summer vacation for 2021. To date, most trips are organized. We help you see it more clearly in this article.

Where to go on vacation this summer in France?

If you want to be on the safe side, you may be wondering where to go for vacation this summer in France. With the entry into force of the Health Corridor, it is now necessary to show off in all cultural and entertainment venues in the country. This also applies to kiosks and restaurants. However, it is entirely possible to leave this summer and take advantage of your vacation to rediscover the most beautiful regions of France.

The Vis mountain range is reflected in Lake Bormonaz
#1 Family Vacation in Cévennes

Are you looking for a place to spend a summer vacation with your family? Cévennes is one of the most ideal destinations to visit. Protected from the crowds of tourists and from the heat, you can admire the wonderful landscapes of this natural park. Canoeing, kayaking, and ferratas: the area is full of sporting activities for the whole family.

#2 Seaside Resorts in the Eastern Pyrenees

If you’ve been dreaming of laziness and peaceful holidays in France this summer, take a tour of Saint-Cyprien in the eastern Pyrenees. The second largest marina in France, you will find many activities that you can do as a couple, with friends or with family.

#3 Book your stay in Costa Smeralda

Visit Saint-Malo, its famous ramparts Cancale and its picturesque center and enjoy the views at Pointe du Grouin, which offers one of the most beautiful views of the Costa Smeralda. Not planning to go by train and can’t find a flight on commercial lines? You still have the solution to rent a taxi To offer you a journey in peace.

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Where to go on vacation this summer: Travel to Europe

If you want to know where to go this summer in Europe, it is best to keep up with the latest happenings from government Regarding travel from France.

Currently, European countries are open without a compelling reason. However, a valid health declaration must now be submitted.

Some countries also require mandatory negative testing and quarantine enforcement. This is especially true in the United Kingdom. In addition, health safety measures are evolving throughout the days in all states. We therefore recommend keeping abreast of the latest developments on the website of the embassy in the country of destination.

Amsterdam – Photo: D
#1 Where to go on vacation this summer: Visit the Netherlands

Enjoy a sweet and quiet life in the Netherlands for your vacation. In the program: wonderful landscapes, centuries-old mills and long bike rides are waiting for you!

#2 Enjoy the Austrian Mountains

Do you love the great outdoors and authentic destinations? Visit the border area between Austria and Italy and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Please note that if you are traveling to Austria, you will have to go through a quarantine box if you have not been vaccinated.

#3 Cyprus: Relaxing Beachside Resorts

Do you dream of sandy beaches and turquoise waters without leaving Europe? Book a 100% comfortable stay in Cyprus even at the last minute. Scene change guaranteed!

Where to go on summer vacation abroad: outside Europe

Wondering where to go on vacation this summer outside of Europe? There is a specific color code according to the epidemic situation in each country to guide you:

  • Green: The virus does not spread alarmingly. The participating countries are: Australia, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea.
  • Orange: The virus is actively spreading but in proportions that are still under control, without any significant changes of concern. These are all countries that are not labeled green or red.
  • Red: Countries where the prevalence of Covid is very high and have a large number of cases affected by variants. In the following countries, it is not recommended to go on summer vacation for 2021: Costa Rica, Turkey, Colombia, Argentina, Bahrain, India, Brazil, Chile, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bolivia, Suriname, South Africa, Uruguay and Bangladesh.
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Airport – Photo: D
#1 The most beautiful areas of the Seychelles

Discover the Seychelles this summer and seize the opportunity to completely detach from the news.

#2 Viaggio on the road in Australia

The seasons change in Australia: it’s time to leave and organize a road trip on the west coast of Australia.

#3 Where are you going on vacation this summer? Guaranteed change of landscape in South Korea

What if you choose a country that almost beats COVID for your summer vacation? Be amazed at the magnificence and effervescence of South Korea.

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