Where are the new fitness areas in Rome’s gardens

Caffarella Park has a new fitness area. Mayor Roberto Gualtieri and Agriculture, Environment and Waste Cycle Adviser Sabrina Alfonsi cut the ribbon in the late afternoon of Friday, July 1. Created by the Department of Environmental Protection of the Municipality of Rome.

New fitness area

The area is equipped with three steel structures with tow bars of different heights, parallel bars and a terminal with rings. In addition, three abdominal benches, a lowered parallel-bar stop for push-ups, a lower triple leg, and two squat structures at different heights were installed. The entire area is equipped with shock-resistant floors.

All scheduled interventions

Especially in the fitness areas, the administration has developed a specific program to redevelop and replace degraded sports equipment in green areas in all municipalities, which is expected to be completed by 2022.

This is a list of specific domains:
Town Hall I: via di Valle delle Camene
Town Hall II: Villa Ada – Via L. Di Liegro
The third municipality: Birch Park – El Cavalieri Road
Town Hall IV: Aguzzano Park – P.le Hegel
Town Hall V: Villa De Sanctis; Tour Tree Taste Park – Via Tovglieri; Gordiani Villa
Town Hall VI: Ponte de Nonna – Viale F Caltagirone
Town Hall VII: Villa Lies
Town Hall VIII: Spragia Park – Piazza S. D’Amico; Caravaggio Garden
Town Hall IX: Tor de ‘Cenci Park – Via V. Rotellini / Via A. Banzi
Town Hall X: Victims of Racism Park – loc. tarragon
Town Hall XI: via P. Frattini; Joya Park
Town Hall XII: Pamvillage Villa
Town Hall XIII: Nicholas Green Park – Via O. Giove
Town Hall XIV: Via Gandin Park; Student’s garden
Town Hall XV: Labaro Park – Golden Hills – Via Valbondione

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Mayor Gualtieri and councilor Alfonsi

“Through this new fitness area, we offer a new possibility to practice outdoor sports and to be together in a truly unique place. I thank Chancellor Alfonsi, Mayor of Ladaga VII and the Committee for the commitment they have made until the opening of this new space, less than a month after the start of the works We strongly believe in sport and intend to encourage it, to give everyone the opportunity to have access to a healthy and social practice and to make many areas of our city beautiful and vibrant”, stated Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri.

“With the opening of this fitness area in Parco della Caffarella, we are launching a plan of similar interventions related to parks, historic villas and gardens across the city. We are working on the redevelopment of green areas with comprehensive interventions in terms of plant and tree care, reforestation and refurbishment of furniture and structures. We are doing this Recognizing how important the use of well-kept green spaces and quality of service is to the quality of life in neighborhoods and the city and with an interest in all age groups for those who frequent them: from the youngest, with a commitment to restructuring and building play areas, to the elderly for whom we provide areas to gather and relax, to our two-legged friends The four with areas for dogs equipped with agility courses and for the athletes, whom we have considered a “specific plan for the areas designated for fitness,” consultant Alfonsi said.

New gym -3 opened in Caffarella

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