When you make a Mini Ferrari and a Lamborghini “shivers”

Incredible transformations were made on the body of the Mini Cooper. This in particular is bordered by an illegal Japanese sports engine that is not really suitable for its size!

The Mini, when it was still produced by the English company Austin It is also the first home to have a hunch for one of the world’s most beloved super mini cars, and we’re used to the many special conversions in which the car has been upgraded.

Z-Cars Mini (Silo Drome)

The 1961 Monte Carlo Rally is emblematic, as the car performed fairly well, especially considering its origins. Definitely not a sport Or off-road: But nowadays, with our engine technology, there are those who manage to take an old Mini to a new level.

It happened in the UK where the tuner Car costume Designed by mini From the 1960s to install a much more powerful engine than its original engine. However, the bulk of the engine block requires it to be mounted in the center of the frame. This is what came out of it.

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Horses are definitely not lacking

Z . cars creature looks like this In the eyes of fans of the model, certainly very interested in a car with its engine over 200 hp, it turned out to be one of the most powerful Mini Coopers of all time: the latest JCW released this year, for example, has about a hundred more horses and was born on the hull of another Mini from the year 2000.

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Z-Cars Mini (Silo Drome)

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The history of the conversion dates back to the second half of 2000 and the engine in question comes from From Honda Civic Type R: The Japanese sports car already has high performance for the hot hatch: despite the lack of data on top speed and torque, we can only imagine what this miniature can do …

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the engine It was so big for the hood and ended up taking the back of the passenger compartment as well: you can only take one passenger on this Quad madness Who is still looking for the owner. Perhaps, more than money, you lack the courage to lead such a trap! What is your opinion?

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