“When you buy a video game company, half the time it doesn’t work” –

Christoph Hartmann – President Amazon Games – He said himself one day collectibles In the gaming world and about the fact that there will be others in the future. However, he also said that he favors organic growth and that, in his view, half the time gaming companies are acquired. Does not lead to good results.

Speaking with GameSpot, Hartmann said, “In the long run, we’re all dead. Every company, as long as the state doesn’t get involved, will end up being monopoly somehow. I don’t say that [noi di Amazon] We aim for this. What I mean is that there are fewer competitors. I’ve been doing this for 25 years, the amount of video game companies I’ve seen since then… Activision is now sold out. Who is left? Take-Two and EA. Take-Two, I don’t know, I think with GTA everyone is turning away because it’s an invitation to create problems…and EA, there’s all the rumors circulating…”.

Speaks accurately about electronic artsRecently, a rumor spread that Amazon could bid to acquire Electronic Arts. The rumors were denied, but Hartmann was already involved in an EA-related operation.

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Amazon Games recently opened a file New office in Montreal, directed by Ubisoft Rainbow Six veterans. As Hartmann tells, this veteran team was about to sign with Electronic Arts before Hartmann learned about it and persuaded them to move to Amazon. “EA was about to sign them,” Hartmann said. “They called EA and said, ‘I’m going with Kristoff because he looks like he’s in matches.'”

As for the others amazon future gaming projectsHartmann said he always preferred to grow the organic team and create new IPs that he owns entirely. It takes longer — and Hartmann isn’t closing the door to potential future acquisitions — but organic growth is more attractive in his view. Hartmann noted that acquisitions have a poor track record.

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He said, “In my experience, when you buy a game company, half the time it doesn’t work. It seems like a lot of work. You might start from scratch too.”

The head of Amazon Games also revealed why the Lord of the Rings MMO has been canceled.

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