When will the payment of 1500 euros arrive?

Supercashback compensation 2021, payments by November 30 for the first 100,000 threads in the ranking. In recent days, MEF communications have been, via app IO, to program participants who are entitled to. The procedure was canceled as of next year by the 2022 budget law.

2021 super cashback: lost the last step, that of Pay 1500 euros.

In recent days, after Final RankingContact arrived for the first time 100,000 books.

They will get refunds By the deadline of November 30, 2021As required by Legislative Decree No. 99 of 2021.

sums will be Directly debited to the current accountTherefore, you must verify that you entered the account number in the IBAN format correctly when registering for the program.

Super cashback for 2021, the order is set: when will the 1,500 euro payment arrive?

Little is missing State super cashback for 2021.

For a few days I First 100,000 books Receive a bonus payment notification By November 30, 2021.

The deadline for adoption of the legislative decree was introduced June 30, 2021, n. 99.

set in Final Ranking, to verify who is entitled to receive 1,500 EUR It is necessary to check, for example inio . app, in the event of a communication from the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The message from who will receive the refund is as follows:

Congratulations, you are eligible for the Super Cashback!

Congratulations, you are among the 100 thousand participants At the top of the ranking Super cash back NS You are entitled to a refund of 1500 euros!

The amount will be credited to you by November 30, 2021, as required by regulation.

You will receive a message when the transfer is made to the IBAN you have already sent.

thanks for participating! “

The last step, then, before possibility Goodbye cashback.

as specified in Specific questions and answers on Consap, the franchisor of general insurance services and spas responsible for settling payments, remains “Stop Technical Banking Times for Credit Transfers.”

So Consap itself points out the possibility of Delay of up to 10 days, if payments are made on the last day.

Super cashback for 2021, cancellation under the 2022 Budget Act

Refunds from Super cashback 2021 Relates to transactions made using payment methods that were tracked in Workouts between January 1 and June 30, 2021.

The procedure was actually performed exclusively for First semester of the year Ongoing, after the trial period in December 2020.

L ‘Deposit refunds It arrives several months after the end of the period and after the long-running deadline for any complaints about incorrect accounting has expired, and expires on August 29.

Payments represent the last act of this action It should be deleted.

The date of November 30, 2021 is set by the Legislative Decree of June 30, 2021, No. 99, a provision that also includes Cashback and Super Cashback are suspended for the second half of this year.

Even if it’s officially solo “suspended” The program must be “Deleted” From the next budget law 2022.

Therefore, it will not be resumed from next year. savings derived from Stop all cashbackwho stands in 1.5 billion euros, should be used in Social Safety Net Repair.

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