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Cold 730: After submitting the tax return, it may happen that you are entitled to a partial refund of the taxes paid.

How are the amounts usually adjusted? Look at times and procedures. (at Telegram group Special content on job offers and bonuses; at Whatsapp group Always updated job offers, incentives and contests).


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Cold 730: what is it?

What is the 730 recovery? To put it briefly, after the tax return is filed, it might happen that the revenue agency notices this The taxpayer paid more taxes than was actually owed.

Therefore, the tax authorities compensate the taxpayer Re the difference Between what was paid as taxes and what followed More accurate calculations regarding discounts and income receivedYou must pay exactly. (Here you can find our link YouTube channel With video guides; Here instead A page dedicated to competitions).

When does the 730 reply from the Revenue Agency arrive?

Up to 2020, 730 have been recovered mainly for all taxpayers starting on a certain date. Since last year this rule has changed: in fact, “windows” have been projected six times.

on the principle, The adjustment is made based on the time the tax return is submitted. For example, anyone who submits the final ad result by September 30th, will receive Irpef refund starting October. (Join Facebook groups: All the rewardsJob offersPensions).

Generally, Irpef’s refund comes with a useful first paycheck a month after the tax return is filed, with a second Social Security check helpful for retirees.

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In short, the next month for workers to file their tax return, after two months for those retired.

On the other hand, there are reports of quite a few delays: in some cases, some retirees receive compensation. They had to wait until February 2021. On the other side, Several modifications exceeding 1,000 eurosAlthough the announcement was submitted in time, they have not yet started. (explore All bonuses are available And how to get it).

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