When will iOS 17.3 be released?

Apple’s upcoming software release for iPhone, iOS 17.3, is currently in testing and is set to include a new security feature called Stolen Device Protection. The beta version of iOS 17.3 was released in mid-December, and so far, there have been three builds of the beta.

However, the second release of the beta caused some testers’ iPhones to become bricked, effectively rendering them useless. Fortunately, Apple has resolved this issue and is working diligently to ensure a smooth user experience.

While iOS 17.3 does not boast many new features, the addition of Stolen Device Protection greatly enhances security for users’ Apple IDs and devices in case of theft. This feature aims to deter potential thieves by rendering stolen devices virtually unusable, safeguarding personal information and sensitive data.

It is expected that iOS 17.3 will be available for the general public by the end of January, assuming no unforeseen issues that could cause delays arise. In previous years, iOS .3 releases, such as iOS 16.3 and 15.3, were typically rolled out in the last week of January, suggesting a similar timeline for the release of iOS 17.3.

According to industry insiders, Apple is likely to release the fourth beta of iOS 17.3 in the week of January 15. This will be followed by the release candidate in the week of January 22, allowing developers to perform final testing and make any necessary adjustments. Finally, the public build is expected to be released in the week of January 29, granting access to all users.

Those eager to try out Stolen Device Protection don’t have to wait until the official release. Apple offers the public or developer beta for free, allowing users to install the beta version and test the new security feature themselves.

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For interested individuals, a comprehensive guide on how to install the beta version and take advantage of Stolen Device Protection can be found, providing step-by-step instructions and further information on this important security feature.

Keep an eye out for the official release of iOS 17.3 at the end of January, and explore the new additions and enhanced security measures it brings to the world of Apple iPhones.

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