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When does solar time change 2022? If the new season arrives, we should expect a change in time. However, the usual suspicion always arises. Every year, after summer, we don’t know exactly when we need to adjust our clocks. Shorter days on the way, then. but when? Let’s find out together.

Standard time 2022 when? date and time

The question always comes up in the fall. The season leaves behind warm, sunny days. In the tougher months, the days take on different colours, rhythms and routines, marked by our commitments. Change the lighting, change the mood.

It will be early and on the first break we will feel like we are sleeping more. Over the weekend October 30 We will have solar time 2022. But an hour early or late? It is not difficult to confuse. The question is a concern for most of us and the answer is often overlooked.

The schedule must be rolled back one hour: from 3.00 to 2.00At night between Saturday and Sunday: (Between October 29 and 30).

Solar time 2022: Effects on mood and focus

The new time will bring more light in the morning and less in the evening. It would be weird to see the sunset fall after four, of course. A feeling that oscillates between bewilderment and contemplation. For those who watch the passage of time, consider turning back to the evenings at the beach, where the last rays of the sun stain the reddish skies at 20.00, or even later, it’s almost inevitable not to experience the nostalgia of warm summer.

winter time

within Effects caused by time change, It should be borne in mind that it is normal to not be able to immediately regulate sleep. Having meticulous routines in place, so that we can get the rest we deserve, is difficult even without solar time. So such a sudden detachment necessarily involves at least a small period of readjustment.

The hours we devote to rest begin to be more fragmented and sleep less heavy. All of this makes us feel tired, exhausted, unresponsive during our day, and less focused.

In any case, these are examples that do not find identical emphasis in every subject. Some people cope with sleep debt and get over it within a day or so. On the other hand, others manage to get used to it even after a few weeks.

What is certain is that our attention is decreasing. We seek rest and activities that do not tire the mind. Studies show this Certificates on me to focus:

A 2012 study in the Journal of Applied Psychology revealed that with daylight saving time, there is a “significant” increase in the amount of time people waste “surfing the Internet” or browsing sites unrelated to work. Specifically, the researchers analyzed data on searches for sites in the “entertainment” category that Google provided on Monday after daylight saving time came into effect in the United States. Compared to the previous Monday, Americans do 3 percent more searches for sites that don’t have much to do with work, like YouTube or Facebook.

Cancel daylight saving time?

The official date of 2022 is coming. Between July and August 2018 it was believed Cancel daylight saving time And also and above all to avoid dislocations and shakes, by just going back for an hour.

We owe the proposal to the Nordic countries to which they belong Finland and Poland. There was also no shortage of opinion polls. Approximately 5 million citizens before consultation and 76% would prefer not to change the time anymore.

So we didn’t come up with a good answer for everyone. In these cases, they will likely be selected for separate blocks. The European Commission did not get a clear decision on the matter, so the most likely idea is a subdivision: southern European countries with year-round daylight saving time and northern countries including solar time.

What will Italy do? It has not yet been decided and there is no clear position on this. Summer time is a huge energy saver for us these days.

On the other hand, France supported a clear response. After a popular consultation by the National Assembly, the time change was abolished.

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