When and why can he close the account

Let’s see what shocking action Whatsapp can take against us in cases where we make some mistakes

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The WhatsApp It is now a tool that has firmly established itself in our lives. Admittedly, it now assumed an essential function for any kind of activity, be it fun or practical.

However, we must not make the mistake of thinking that this app is due to us for life. In fact it can happen W It may remove an account from its servers for some specific reasons. action different from ban It is permanent, while deletion is subject to restoration.

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Whatsapp: 2 reasons that can lead to account closure

But do not worry, this practice does not happen by chance. Basically there are two reasons for that The WhatsApp Decides to close the accounts. In both cases, the reason is Inactivity period of the account itself.

The first is the long-term inactivity that occurs after 120 days. TheAccount The user will have to create another account using the same phone number. All previous information will be deleted from the feedback servers green app.

The difference is being inactive for a short time, which is definitely more complex. In this case, the disqualification is done later 45 days. However, if you reuse the account within 120 days with the same device, it will not be deleted. This will only happen if you enter your contact after 45 days but from another device.

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Basically this scale is applied Security reasons. The company wants it this way Avoid leaking personal information. In fact it is seen as a file Attempted access by the user different and for this it proceeds to the judiciary.

In short, it’s a good idea to keep these situations in mind, even if it now seems difficult to stay away from them for a long time “I loved Whatsapp”.

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