When and how will discos be reopened with the issuance of the new decree this week

43 million Italians are vaccinated, 85 million doses of the vaccine have been given, after these positive numbers, the new decree on reopening is on the way. Sports fans are waiting for it, stadiums and gyms, but also managers of nightclubs. With the new modification, in fact, the proportions of access to these places will change, but not only. In fact, after twenty months of waiting, he will finally be able to reopen discos.

This is the big news that learned yesterday from a meeting Scientific Technical Committee. Dance and nightlife lovers can finally rejoice. The sector that has suffered the longest shutdown period can finally breathe. It is already assumed, as of this weekend, that the building can reopen, even if the percentages chosen by CTS are already being discussed.

In fact, at the moment, there is talk of 35% reopening for indoor spaces and 50% for outdoor spaces. In both cases, the ratio also includes employees. It’s the first small step after more than a year and a half of waiting. Obviously, it will be necessary to have a green lane to access the building. Not only that, you must be registered at the entrance and you will always have to wear a mask, except in the ballroom. Equivalent to a place where you can do physical activity indoors, at dance time you can take it off, even if the advice is not to take it off.

When and how will discos be reopened with the issuance of the new decree this week

In addition, managers must ensure that there are ventilation systems with no air circulation, disposable cups, and frequent hand sanitary points. In addition to sterilizing the premises on a daily basis.

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All happy then? It doesn’t seem like it, because many managers already complain. When compared to many other European countries, they noted that the edict was still restricted. In France, Spain, Austria and the United Kingdom, clubs have reopened since the summer in Germany since September 4. All without capacity limits, except for French places, at up to 75%. Many managers say 35% will not be enough to cover costs. For some, in fact, it will be a worse maneuver than a complete shutdown, as it will not allow access to the refreshment points.

No date has been set for when and how discos will reopen with the new decree issued this week, but the controversy is already raging. A sector has already been largely brought to its knees by the Covid rebels against the treatment intended for other entertainment sectors. Playgrounds, palaces, concerts, street parties, festivals, everything has resumed and gradually returned to normal. Managers are exhausted and yesterday’s action by CTS may not be enough to see all Italian discotheques open again.

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