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Xbox Xbox X will be back Available Give media world In the month of August, exactly on the date August 27, 2021, as usual through the website related to the chain of stores, so the information is not currently related to actual retailers.

As always, the Available stock Slightly limited, so we invite those interested to go ahead in time for the appointment with proper preparation and mental disposition. Xbox Series X can be purchased from MediaWorld specifically on Friday, August 27, 2021 raw 11:00, even if there is no really scientific certainty about time.

Xbox Series X will be available again from MediaWorld on August 27, 2021
Xbox Series X will be available again from MediaWorld on August 27, 2021

Compared to the availability of the PS5, which was distributed in two days on August 25 and 26, the Xbox Series X is certainly simpler, as it is focused exclusively on August 27.

Again, it is necessary to go through the gate and enter koda To reserve access, it is advisable to register on the site in advance in order to count on faster access and have a credit card or PayPal ready for payment.

Xbox Series X sales sessions are usually less crazy than PS5 sessions, meaning there’s a better chance of being able to buy the console, but run out In a few minutes, this is still a real possibility, so we recommend that you be prepared.

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