WhatsApp: With this update you will lose your privacy forever, defend yourself in the best way you can

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform in the world, and recently it has returned to the center of attention due to some updates that may affect the privacy of its users.

Despite being used by millions of users every day, the free messaging app is slowly losing more and more users, due to the behavior of the current owner, Mark Zuckerberg, and what can be unfavorable at times.

WhatsApp privacy
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WhatsApp update that may affect privacy

WhatsApp is constantly updating its features and aspects related to privacy and usability of the app itself. However, many began to complain about the new function that allows you to share your number with users in the address book.

This function can be very useful when you want to change your phone number and do not intend to waste time notifying friends, colleagues and family individually.

The feature is called Change Number and it brings every piece of information from the first phone number to the second, including a profile picture, individual and group chats, and chosen settings.

When you do this, the contacts in your address book will receive a message in which the new number is revealed and all they have to do is add it to their smartphone so that they can continue calling completely free of charge and without having to start a new number. conversation.

WhatsApp privacy
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How to avoid sharing your phone number

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this update is as big as the feature, in fact the inability to select who should be warned, the feature will also send your number to unwanted people and also all users who are in group chats.

To prevent the new number from being revealed to everyone, it will be necessary to avoid giving consent to this process. Unfortunately, this solution only applies to individual contacts, continuing to work with groups.

The only solution is to simply leave the group with which there are contacts you don’t want to share the new number with. To leave groups, follow these steps:

  • Join the group
  • Click on the three dots at the top
  • go to “Other”
  • Click on “Leave Group”

These are the only ways to prevent detection of the new problem. Unfortunately, if you agree to start the job, it becomes irreversible and you risk being approached even by people you don’t want to have anything to do with.

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