Whatsapp will work when the phone is off: computer is enough

Whatsapp and notification which will surely satisfy all future users. A very exceptional innovation.

The WhatsApp
Whatsapp (Adobe)

The a program It is one of the most used of all. Instant messaging, voice, video calling, and file sharing Contents and documents. All this is Whatsapp, an app that has always been at the center of vigorous discussions, especially in the past months and weeks due to updates that would have undermined it safety And privacy and scams increasingly circulating on the much preferred platform. In the end daysHowever, a novelty.

In the intentions of the creators, from Developers And those who actually run the platform with their ideas are right there Possibility To customize each function, option, etc. as realistically as possible, based on which made us of users. Specific needs, desires, and possibilities adaptation The function or procedure itself of the application for those situations or circumstances that govern that moment continent to the user.

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Whatsapp and the future: just use your computer to exchange messages

The idea that is given to those who rule innovations and new Careers from the app. Mainly aimed at those who constantly live cn la the battery to a minimum. What happens when the smartphone is turned off and you can no longer connect to it The WhatsApp? Simple, computer or tablet at most plays a role. The whole idea is here, to allow ourselves to communicate even if that is the case smart phone You decide to give up on us.

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Will Cathcart in The WhatsApp With ZuckerbergYou have just confirmed this recently, the ability to connect to Whatsapp from your computer or smartphone tablet has been turned off. very good idea Ads In short, this will make you happy, there is nothing to worry about, how much, how was expectedThey live with the battery constantly broken.

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The futureIn short, it could have brought absolutely unimaginable novelties just a few months ago. Current awareness as well as the intentions of messaging platform developers glimpse, regarding the personalization of the use of the application. User needs come first to get the most out of them Selection all feature A platform that has now effectively entered our lives.

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