WhatsApp, voice messages are forever changing: great news!

WhatsApp, voice messages are forever changing: great news! Users of the messaging platform were surprised

The WhatsApp
WhatsApp (Photo: Pixabay)

as always The WhatsApp It has some very interesting news in store for its users. The world’s most famous messaging platform is trying to fend off the attack of competitors, such as cable e WeChat, in an effort to ensure an increasingly complete service to its users. In recent days, the US group was headed by Facebook social networking site, announced the arrival of two new options that will affect the talks.

It will be possible to empty the chat at a later time 24 raw even then 90 days. An option that you can choose in our chat differently from what happened so far. Temporary messages in fact, in fact, They were terminated after seven days, without the possibility of alternatives. With the new update, just open your WhatsApp settings and then go to Account > Privacy and tap Timer default messages. Next, set the maximum duration for which chats will be kept.

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WhatsApp, voice messages are forever changing: new deadlines for cancellation

The WhatsApp
WhatsApp (Photo: Pixabay)

Clearly the job It can also be activated by default in new conversations. To determine it in the best way, the technical support team through the pages explaining the new feature.

“If you decide to activate temporary messages by default, we will display a warning in new chats to inform your interlocutors of your choice. And if you change your mind, turning off the setting is as easy as turning it on“.

Although it has already been launched as a function, the new version may take a few days to be available to all users and on all devices. All that’s left is to update the app And wait for the new setting to be released.

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