WhatsApp trick so no one else can see your conversations

I don’t know about you, but many people live in the nightmare of forgetting their phones or naively leaving them on their desks, viewing letters, conversations, documents, sensitive conversations and a whole host of content that, legitimately, is yours alone.

WhatsApp can do a lot to protect you from hackers, but it can do a little to protect you from yourself, so to speak. If you forget that your smartphone is unlocked, do not have a suitable cell phone lock or if someone takes your cell phone from you, that is a problem.

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However, there is a trick to making accessing WhatsApp completely safe, and it is definitely one of the most sensitive places on the phone that we have, for personal and business reasons.

What WhatsApp can do for you in this case is that it gives you the option to lock the app with your fingerprint (at least no one else has it).

What you need to do is access options, then go to Account, then to Privacy. If you scroll down, you will find the “fingerprint lock” function. If you activate it, you can only enter the app with your finger (but you can still answer calls).

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