WhatsApp Trick for Colorful Writing

WhatsApp is the most used messaging system in the world and probably also the most used app in Italy. With that, we are used to dealing with relationships of all kinds: family, work and above all friends.

One of the great advantages of WhatsApp is that it lends itself to many types of uses. The options applied to your chats are numerous and allow you to achieve almost any goal, from the most important to the lightest and most fun.

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In this case we are talking about the latter and in particular about the possibility of writing colored letters. A method that can be useful for presenting special wishes or for enriching an especially important conversation.

To achieve this, simply download the “Stylish Text” app. When the installation of this application is successful, you can use it through the drop-down menu that you find on WhatsApp.

Example: Type a message, then select a word or phrase by double clicking on it and wait for the small menu to open. In addition to Copy, Paste and other options, you will also find Stylish Text. By clicking on this function, you can choose colors, styles, fonts, and more and once you decide what you want to do, you can send the message.

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